Banging edit from Mingle, Keisuke!! Hotoke!!! Check this!!

Stoked on this, Keisuke is killing it, and of course Hotoke!!! What a day for videos!!!

15 thoughts on “Banging edit from Mingle, Keisuke!! Hotoke!!! Check this!!

  1. So stoked on this! So much good stuff, digging the pedal steam step over crackpacker smooth as!! Keisuke's back wheel combo is amazing, love how he slowed down ucchies trick, and hotokes crack pivot to xft half to halfpacker is insane, mingle indeed!! Top stuff! What a day for web edits with the sevisual stuff as well!!

  2. Hotoke is just silly. So much good stuff in that vid, but the wheelchair halfhiker halfpacker dealie stood out the most. He's got so much style and tech tricks as well.
    – Prasheel

  3. His full name is YOSHIKI "HOTOKE"UCHINO
    not related to uuchie ,is he on any dvd's you know off Effraim ? think he rides for Ares some you tube footage of him but he impresses the hell out of me.

  4. Howard are you joking haha you've asked this everytime I post a hotoke video!! He's not related!!! So much good stuff on thus video, going to watch it again! Already over ten times!!!

  5. He used to be on ares now he's on st Martin, DVDs he's on, proceed, the last ares DVD, he had some great stuff in there, he's got stuff on a new DVD due out anyday that I previewed about a month ago "reason".. He and Moto are widely considered the best riders in japan by the hardcore contingent…

  6. This video raises the bar for me, watch the progression from other riders, spur off into new switches, inspiring! Thanks mingle!!!

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