Banging new Viki Gomez edit!

Just like Viki said, a new edit within ten or so days, Viki is on it! What I love about this edit more than anything, is you can see how much he’s loving riding right now,  that steam kickflip to halfpacker! Wow!! Yes Viki!! Banging Deltron track too!!

Flatland sessions around the world … from PSYCHOSTUDIO on Vimeo.

5 thoughts on “Banging new Viki Gomez edit!

  1. From 1:39 to 2:22 is so damn good!! Those kickflips are so smooth and stylish. So stoked on this! Yes Viki!!! The man is on it, much respect!!!!

  2. he have always had the flow, but this, is all levels ahead!!! ans sure got style, i like to see hoe Viki is growing in the ''freestyle'' riding, living life to the fullest!
    Thanx viki!

  3. Viki is incredible at Level Vibes 2009 we saw just a small dose of his talent,this edit is sick shows his full potential .Riding for Suelo now bet their new flat tyres roll well.

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