BMX Freestyle Exams Contest by Trevlon Hall – $43K Prize Money!

The news is now official, Huge news for the Flatland scene worldwide! Trevlon Hall has been working hard on this event for a long time. The man with the help of Monster Energy, Trinidad Government & Tourism, and no doubt many others are throwing down $43K for Flatland! Mark your calendars, April 26/27th! This is huge for flatland! I was scheduled to be judging this event, bummed it clashes with work commitments. Hit up the website, and plan your trip now! We are proud to be a media partner in this event! Biggest contest of the year anyone?

6 thoughts on “BMX Freestyle Exams Contest by Trevlon Hall – $43K Prize Money!

  1. Effraim…i did a conversion from Trinidad currency to US dollars and 1 Tobago Dollar = 0.16 of a US dollar. So the purse is actually $6,708 in US currency, which is the average for most big contenst sponsorships

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