Bmxboze Kog round 2 edit

The sheer volume of videos from the KOG round 2 has been awesome, and so fast!!! Banging stuff on here, enjoy!!

7 thoughts on “Bmxboze Kog round 2 edit

  1. hello flatmatters – not sure how this site works yet but is it ok to say a few words about our project? – in partnership with Inertia BMX and Hybrid:arts

  2. Ucchie is busting for sure, love that switch two footed upside down to right foot xft peg wheelie step to left foot xft back to back wheel combo, super fast!! The bmxbose edits rule!!

  3. Uchino my god ,Mathais my god ,that other guy on the orange bike my god , everyone else this is the future of flat unbelievable pace and speed of these combo's.

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