4 thoughts on “Bo Wade – Haro La Bastille Build

  1. @ 1.45 minutes !!! My favorite by Bo . Always stoked to see him nail it , he has em SO dialed , one of the best brakeless turn buckets , STRAIGHT from the peg ….in the game ! Bo is such a cool cat , hailing from Texas , but has been reppin Redondo beach as Mr. Bizhouse bikes , Shawn White stated ! Digging this small edit of Wade flowing on his back wheel in the small lil sesh spot @ Haro bikes . Hes progressed his riding TONS since moving out West …….congrats , Bo !! Wild thing is………..Bo RIPS the FRONT wheel as well , Ive seen it MANY times . Haro bike company just added ANOTHER dope rider to their roster , as Bo easily make finals @ major stacked contest around the globe . Whenever some new video of Bo drops online……..it RULES !

  2. If Bo’s on Haro, this seems to be the most flatlanders they’ve had since the old days. And if so, it’s great because I’ve long felt, being Freestyle’s first brand, it should’ve happened long ago, wether it’s Bo, or another rider. Anyway, good luck to Bo, I guess ,and nice riding.

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