Bobby Carter wins Pistolero Jam in Long Beach, CA!


Congratulations to Bobby Carter who won the Pistolero Jam at the Long Beach Marina riding spot yesterday, taking home best trick on front and the back wheel! So stoked with this news, Bobby doesn’t usually compete and here is what he had to say!

“I don’t usually compete, but I battled around 14 riders and won the Pistolero Shootout at the Pistolero Jam.”

3 thoughts on “Bobby Carter wins Pistolero Jam in Long Beach, CA!

  1. I usually have a pretty strict non-compete policy. I entered BS comps and some Toronto comps back in the day, but I realized competition isn’t in line with the reasons why I ride. I’m more of a creator than a competitor. New tricks, new videos, new types of events – that’s where the real wins are….When you are adding something new to the mix that hasn’t been done before, you’re expanding the possibilities. You’re making dreams reality.

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