Brazilian Crew in Ireland

Willian Prado AKA Buiú, Romulo Guerra AKA Bixcoito and Luiz dos Santos AKA Arroz made it all the way from Brazil for the Worlds in Cologne and made a stop in Ireland to visit Mizo on the way back.These videos show how blessed they were with this lovely and rare Irish summer. These guys kill it, enjoy this one!

3 thoughts on “Brazilian Crew in Ireland

  1. The Brazilian crew RIPS !! I was sold on this edit after the first and second , back and front wheel combos . Romulo , Luiz , William … ALL of em , Ive been a huge fan of all their riding and scene for some years now . Smooth , flowing , styled out links with some tech thrown in the mix . No wonder which ever comp , event or jam all these guys attend……….theyre SURE to make their presence felt ! BRAZIL !!

  2. The rider , Mizo I think ? Him hitting that brakeless decade ON CALL was dope ! His lines are rad , also . Its really wild that countless riders across the globe are SO friggin good these days . Seems like EVERY year a new rider or crew just pop up with new creative techniques , tricks and links…. usually they’ve been under the bmx radar for years , haha. This site REALLY helps in showcasing all of them , and getting them their props …..thanks , Effraim !

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