Brett Downs – The Old Guy

“Over the last few years I have come to realize I’m no longer just another BMX guy. I mean, I still ride BMX all the time but I’m not one of the guys. I’m the old BMX guy. Seems there are more and more of us these days. Some got off the bike for a number of years and decided to get back on. Some, like me, have been riding the whole time. It’s really an interesting place to be and I can’t help feel like something is familiar about it.”

Unintentionally a bit of an old guy theme running today with firstly the Bill Neumann post and now this piece by Brett Downs on being the Old BMX guy. Head over to his blog to check this one..

3 thoughts on “Brett Downs – The Old Guy

  1. I think if you’re an “old guy” in BMX you’re talking about how things were better in the past. It’s a mindset that you makes you part of a generation that is gone.

    I get what he’s saying about riding being more refined now. It’s one of the the defining features of riding these days. What he says about John isn’t really true though because John is “old” but he’s doing the most athletic flatland at the moment. He’s not focussing on decades because he’s old, it’s because he wants to be original.

    I think that if you don’t get out of shape, you can keep going in flatland for a really long time. It’s what I’ve seen.

    • What I was saying is that John has shifted from the youthful state of “must learn everything” and gone in a specific and limited direction. You put your own interpretation on that.

  2. Being an old guy who rides a lot or when he can like me is just the best,it’s healthy and balanced a big part of riding,keep going if you can

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