Brighton Flatland Sessions promo

If your in and around the Brighton area here in the UK or maybe fancy a trip to the seaside town, Chris Carter is organising regular flatland sessions every thursday, hit him up on facebook.

15 thoughts on “Brighton Flatland Sessions promo

  1. Yes, Hove netball courts.
    Basically a 5 min ride along the seafront, from where Phil’s og jam was.
    Just us and a loada ladies playing ball!
    Decent enough spot!

  2. On appearence…possibly size wise, yes.
    It’s completely level, no bumps!

    It’s a good alternative spot to escape the occasional furor of the seafront.

  3. Haha thanks for posting our high quality promo. Check out Chris Brown’s custom made decade pad – designed to protect him from the mankind’s built in seatpost clamp.

    Those courts are good, a lot more secluded than the west pier spot. Thursday night is also netball night.

  4. It’s a big spot – 4 netball courts. the girls only take up one court usually so there’s plenty of space.

    However, it’s not really that smooth. It’s as rough as TGM, there is some gravely tarmac and there are a few bumps.

    The west pier is a lot smoother

  5. No bs, this will be too grippy for most, speesh you eframe!
    Surface reminds me of sunray once it were proper broken in.
    Decent enough back up spot only I’d say.

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