Catching Up with Dave Nourie

At the 2017 BMX Cologne contest I caught up with 80’s Haro Flatland BMX legend Dave Nourie. We talk about his ordeal of getting to Cologne, his new Haro ride, stories from the 80’s Haro tours, his heartfelt responsibility to keep the old school alive in a new school era at contests, and a whole lot more. I even learnt that Dave did not invent the stubble duck which I thought was the case for years, this is a good one. Don’t miss it!

8 thoughts on “Catching Up with Dave Nourie

  1. Best one yet! Thanks for doing these Effraim. It’s nice to hear the stories, insights and thoughts from different riders. Brings a human element to riders you see riding on video.

  2. That was an awesome interview.. Dave Nourie is an absolute legend in the game! Glad I caught this.. lots of really positive stuff going on. The discussion regarding the matter of how to conduct oneself if you are competing had me laughing…You have thrown down.. you’re rinsed out physically and mentally.. you’ve got cramps.. your nerves are jangling… sweat is pouring off.. heart pounding.. out of breath.. mind racing.(?moms spaghetti?)..Yet remember fellows, show some decorum..doff your cap to your competitors..raise a salute to the crowd.. maybe take a bow (and for gods sake keep your shirt on hahaha!)

  3. Hahahaha!! You got that right imo It should be obligatory if you bust out and the shirt is coming off that you tear it off in a Hulk Hogan stylee!! haha !!

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