Old School Sundays with Chris Day

It feels like a while since I have done a Old School Sundays. Just a couple of days ago, Martti Kuoppa posted a rad clip from 101 Trix Part 2 on the MOC instagram page. Check out Chris Day’s run from the AFA Master Round 5 1987 at the William Patterson College in Wayne, NJ. Chris’ riding was inspirational during the late 80’s, respect!

Old School Sundays with Carly Garcia

This week we go back to 1988, and this flawless run from one of my favourite riders growing up. Carly Garcia, doing it for O-zone out of Nor Cal. What an amazing run for the time, nowadays Carly is producing fine art paintings in the Bay area. This is well worth a watch, if you missed it the last time I posted it.

Old School Sundays with RL Osborn & Eddie Fiola

After a few weeks off Old School Sundays it feels like time to get back to some old school flatland and it’s always interesting to see where we all came from and how we have moved on. This week we go back to Bercy 1984 and a big show from RL Osborn and Eddie Fiola, always amazing crowds in Bercy. Old school heads will enjoy this one!

Old School Sundays with Dizz Hicks, Ceppie Maes and Gary Pollak

For this weeks Old School Sundays, we go back to 1986 and a CW freestyle team show at Haack’s Cycle in Madison, Wisconsin. Featuring some great old school riding from Dizz Hicks, Ceppie Maes and Gary Pollak, the man who invented the pinky squeak. Enjoy this trip down memory lane.

Old School Sundays – 1987 AFA Masters Finals: Socco Freestyle Championship

In my younger years, I must have watched this AFA Masters Finals: Socco Freestyle Championship contest on VHS thousands of times. Interviews with RL Osborn, Martin Aparijo and Dennis McCoy going into the finals for the year end, who won this one? If your into the old school, you’ll love this one! At 49:59 long, save this one for a quiet day.

Old School Sundays with Rob Compton

Sometimes the borders get blurred between Old and Mid School, this 17 Expert run from Rob Compton at the NBL Nationals 1990 in Raleigh, NC does just that. The beginnings of Mid School tricks in old school uniform, Rob always killed it with a really fast, powerful style. Many of you might not know the name, but get to know it.

Old School Sundays – BMX Plus! / Rad TV / The Sequel

The guys at Snakebite just uploaded this old school gem from the archives, put together by the BMX Plus crew the sequel to RAD is full of your typical 80’s cheese, nevertheless worth watching this one and seeing how far we have progressed and where we came from. Featuring the likes of Woody Itson, Martin Aparijo and many more.