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Old School Sundays with Scotty Freeman

Proper old school styles for this weeks OSS, Scotty Freeman’s first ever contrast, 1984 in Huntington Beach! Enjoy!

Old School Sundays with Rob Compton

For this weeks OSS we go back to 1990, Rob Compton from Myrtle Beach, NC killing it at the Freestyle NBL Nationals 1990 in Raleigh NC, competing in the 16/17 Expert Flatland class!

Old School Sundays with Albert Retey

Every once in a while a repost is worthy, and this incredible run from the Worlds in Limoges, France 1993 is most definitely worthy! The crowd reaction, the music, and of course the riding! Albert Retey!

Old School Sundays with Perry Mervar

This weeks OSS features Perry Mervar’s section from the Bully SlowRide video circa 1990, enjoy!

Old School Sundays – Pete Brandt & Eric Emerson Reality Tv Part 1 Section

realittvsection from rtaylor on Vimeo.

Roosevelt Taylor came up trumps with Pete Brandt and Eric Emerson’s section from Reality TV Part 1. Hugely influential in modern day flatland riding, make sure you give this a watch!

Old School Sundays with Pete Brandt

A couple of weeks ago James White asked me what video/section made the biggest impression on me growing up, interestingly enough we both picked the same section. Pete Brandt’s ground breaking section from Reality TV Part 2 1991. Pete absolutely murders the San Mateo Underground in this underground classic from Chad Johnston. In related news, does anyone have Pete and Eric Emerson’s part from Reality TV Part 1, I would love to see that again!

Old School Sundays – 1994 Kansas BS

For this weeks OSS we go back to 1994 and the BS contest in Kansas City. Great riding in this edit from the likes of Edgar Plascensia, Chris Young, Paul Osicka, Day Smith (who won the contest), enjoy this one!

Old School Sundays with Trevor Meyer

This weeks OSS features Trevor Meyer on the GT World Tour in Brazil in 1997, who of course id still going strong in the current day. This is 17 years old, I am wondering where is the point when something is mid school as opposed to old school?

Old School Sundays with Woody Itson

This weeks OSS features Woody Itson’s 1988 AFA Masters Round 5 run in Wayne, NJ August 27, 1988. Enjoy!

Old School Sundays with Ron Wilkerson & Mike Pardon

For this weeks OSS we go back to 1985. Ron Wilkerson vs Mike Pardon at The Kelloggs TV BMX Championship, a TV Series hosted by Mick Brown and Andy Ruffell. The show was broadcast on Channel 4 here in the UK in 1983/84. The show mixed freestyle and racing, with The worlds biggest BMX racing stars from USA and Europe took part and it ran over six weeks at tracks all over the UK with a record Pro purse for the time. Old School stars like Stu Thomsen, Gary Ellis, Eddie King, Andy Ruffell, Tim March, Geth Shooter, Andy Patterson, Brian Patterson, Nelson Chanady, Eric Rupe, Harry Leary, Tommy Brackens, Mike Miranda, Clint Miller, Greg Hill, Eddie Fiola, Mike Dominguez and many more took part!