Old School Sundays with Kevin Jones & Mark Eaton

This section took me back this morning, cracking section from the legendary Aggroman video in 1989 by Eddie Roman. Kevin Jones and Mark Eaton jamming in California, around the time of The K’s interview in Freestylin’. Thank you to the Plywood Hoods for everything they bought to flatland.

Old School Sundays – Hardcore Radness 2

For this weeks OSS we go back to a great video from the Hickman brothers, “Hardcore radness 2”, thanks to Kurt Schmidt for uploading a segment of this featuring some great footage from the Make A Wish contest in Virginia with the likes of Pete Brandt in his O-zone days, Ross Smith, Josh Marsele, Tyson Godfrey, Danny Meng, and many more. I feel like this contest and period of time bridged the gap between old/mid school.

Old School Sundays with Skyway Team

For this weeks OSS, we go back to 1985. Most of the footage is shot at San Diego AFA contest and some Del Mar footage of Hugo Gonzalez spinning a 360 over the fence. Featuring: Hugo Gonzalez, Dave Vanderspek, Robert Peterson, Scotty Freeman and Maurice Meyer with a cameo of Bob Haro riding a wheelie. Proper Old School vibes!

Old School Sundays with Dave Mirra

Yesterday marked one year since Dave Mirra sadly passed away. It seemed only right to dedicate this weeks OSS to the man who gave us all so many memorable moments throughout the course of his career, that helped change the game forever. Hit play and watch Mark Eaton’s Dorkin’ 10 compilation:

Thank you Dave for everything.

RIP Dave Mirra 1974-2016.