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Old School Sundays with Gary Pollak

Gary Pollak, the inventor of the Pinky Squeak rocks the crowd at the 1987 AFA Masters in Wayne, New Jersey. How many of you watching this today were at that event and are out there still riding today?

Old School Sundays with Andrew Reardon

Between 1983 and 1987 BMX Beat was a popular BMX Freestyle TV show/contest broadcast on one of the main UK TV Channels, ITV. Growing up on the UKBFA circuit I would see Andrew Reardon who was from Cardiff, Wales at a lot of regional and national events, always smooth as glass and combined his tricks a lil’ bit differently than everyone else.

Old School Sundays with Kevin Jones

Great upload from the archives by jsong1974. This weeks OSS is Kevin Jones amazing run from the AFA Masters in Ohio 1987. Dropping classic K inventions, like the elephant glide, locomotive and puppet. Enjoy this trip down memory lane!

Old School Sundays – Haro Freestyle Tour

Dave Nourie and Ron Wilkerson throw down at Charlies Bike Shop in 1987 on tour for Haro Bikes. Look out for spinning miami hopper around the 6:00 mark from Dave Nourie.

Old School Sundays with Larry Bull

Larry Bull Tizer worlds 87 from Frank Finod on Vimeo.

Really stoked on this weeks OSS find, digging in the crates I came across this amazing run from Larry Bull at the Tizer Worlds 1997. Larry was always at the forefront of creative flatland riding in the UK, watch this run for a lil’ trip down memory lane. So good to see this again!

Old School Sundays with Rick Allison

With the One Love Jam going down in Newport Beach, California yesterday. I searched for an Old School Californian video for todays post and came across this Rick Allison video which had over 91K views! Enjoy!

Old School Sundays with Bob Walter

Nice find from Jffe for this weeks OSS, Bob Walter shredding back in 1988, enjoy this!

Old School Sundays with Team Haro 1985

This weeks OSS we go back to 1985 with Team Haro featuring Dave Nourie, Brian Blyther, Ron Wilkerson and a show at Penn Cycle, Minneapolis MN. Enjoy the Old School Vibes!

Old School Sundays – AFA Velodrome 1986

Great footage from the archives by ATX2007 from the AFA Round 1 contest that took place at the Velodrome, Carson, California. Featuring the likes of Woody Itson, Ron Wilkerson, RL Osborn, Dennis McCoy, Dave Nourie and many more. These were the days of 4 minute runs!

Old School Sundays – 1987 Team Haro Penn Cycle Minneapolis Mn

Still on a Haro tip for the weeks OSS, and this week Jffe sent in this great Haro flatland demo footage from 1987 Team Haro Penn Cycle Minneapolis Mn featuring DMC Dennis McCoy, Rick Moliterno, and Joe Johnson!