Old School Sundays: Jason Davies R.I.P

Last night the sad news that UK rider, Jason Davies had passed away broke online. Jason could do it all at a high level, flatland, vert, mini, dirt, skatepark riding. During the 80’s Jason excelled in flatland, and was one of the first UK riders to make the trip stateside competing in the AFA masters and came back here in the UK swinging with a bunch of new tricks and style after each visit. During the 90’s and early 2000’s, Jason later in his career made it as vert rider, and competed in the X games for many years, living stateside.

This weeks OSS is dedicated to Jason, who helped inspire me in my younger years. Such sad news, thinking of all his family, and friends and the BMX community during this difficult time.

R.I.P. Jason Davies.

Old School Sundays 1990 Freestyle Worlds Kenn / Trier

Stoked to come across this upload from the archives today featuring the likes of Mark Atkins, Lee Clark, Mark Teo, Jim Dellavalle, Jay Jones, Scott Santamaria, Craig Lepage and many more! What a trip down memory lane!

Old School Sundays with Dave Beveridge R.I.P

The news of Dave Beveridge’s passing away is still hitting hard here with the UK BMX community especially. Cheeky Monkey BMX just dropped this nice tribute to Dave so it only makes sense to me to have another OSS dedication.
Lots of great footage of Dave shredding flatland, vert, bowls and anything in his way basically. Straight up BMX!

This deserves your attention if you knew Dave, and if you didn’t. It’s a good time to get up to speed with his riding talents.

Rest in peace Dave…

Old School Sundays with Dave Beveridge R.I.P

The sad news broke last week of Dave Beveridge passing away last week, my emails and private messages have been full of lovely messages full of memories of Dave, including a message from one of his family members that really touched me personally.
Let’s go back to King of Concrete 1991 and Dave’s flatland run, rest in peace Dave!

Old School Sundays with Kevin Jones

This week we go back to 1987, and pivotal moment in the history of flatland. Kevin Jones and his AFA Masters run in 19 & Over Expert from Austin, Texas dropping the puppet, the crank-a-roni, elephant glide and gliding locomotive in his run , not to mention the way the run is linked together. Game changer!

Josh Marsele R.I.P – AFA Tarpon Springs, FL 1989

Josh Marsele – AFA Tarpon Springs, FL 1989 from 990Adjustments on Vimeo.

Following the sad announcement of Josh Marsele passing away this past weekend, plenty of heads have kindly sent in archive contest footage of Josh ripping. Here you can see Josh’s run from the AFA Tarpon Springs, FL 1989 where he took first place in 16/17 expert class ahead of none other than Trevor Meyer!

Rest in peace Josh Marsele…