Old School Sundays with Dave Mirra

Yesterday marked one year since Dave Mirra sadly passed away. It seemed only right to dedicate this weeks OSS to the man who gave us all so many memorable moments throughout the course of his career, that helped change the game forever. Hit play and watch Mark Eaton’s Dorkin’ 10 compilation:

Thank you Dave for everything.

RIP Dave Mirra 1974-2016.

Old School Sundays with Team Haro

On my search for some Old School Sunday material for this week, I came across this Team Haro video that was made in 1988, came out in 89 featuring Mat Hoffman, Rick Moliterno, Brian Blyther, Ron Wilkerson, Dave Nourie, Joe Gruttola, and Bob Haro. Some nice flat footage from Nourie and Gruttola around the 25:47, plus some cheesy 80’s music just to finish off that old school vibe.

Old School Sundays – 1989 Great Lakes FreeStyle Contest + Pete Brandt

Great footage from the archives sent in from Jffe. Filmed by John Preville, 1989 Great Lakes Freestyle Contest footage, featuring the likes of Steve Mulder, Bill Neumann (how dialled was Bill Neumann!!!) plus parking lot footage from i’m guessing the Virginia Make A Wish Foundation Contest, great practise footage of Mike Schmed and Pete Brandt going off during the Ozone era! Posted this a few years back, certainly worth a re-up, when you got a few spare minutes, sit down and enjoy this one!

Old School Sundays with Bill Neumann

Bill Neuman Flatland Freestyle from Stussy on Vimeo.

At the BITR contest last weekend there was a lil’ rumour going around that Bill Neumann has been riding again, I hope that’s true! Back in the day this guy was one of the most dialled riders in the game, this video (excuse the quality) was shot at the 91 Toronto Bike Show.

Old School Sundays a lil’ late with Ryuji Hora

Yesterday was my last full day in Colorado before heading home. Although I had this weeks OSS ready, didn’t have time to post it. So here it is a day late.

This weeks Old School Sundays is picked by Todd Carter, check out Ryuji Hora’s Wayne, New Jersey AFA Masters run, the macaroni to opposite decade at 1:25 is so rad!

Old School Sundays – Jay Jones Vs Danny Meng

Tomorrow I flight to Denver, Colorado for the AFA Finals taking place at the Battle in the Rockies contest. So it seemed logical to show some old school AFA footage (just for a change…), and this weeks OSS is a battle for the 3rd place spot in the 16 Expert Class between Jay Jones and Danny Meng at the AFA Masters in Columbus, Ohio 1998. Great run off, well worth a watch!