Old School Sundays with Dennis McCoy

With the news the AFA is reborn again, it’s as good excuse as I need to post some AFA footage from back in the day for this weeks OSS. If you haven’t seen this run from Dennis McCoy before at the AFA Kansas Finals 88, the music over the top kind of spoils it. I always like to get the energy from the music and crowd noise, but nevertheless the rolling over and out to macaroni at 00:35 is amazing!

Old School Sundays – UKBFA Contest Carlisle 1989

BFA Contest Carlisle 1989 flat from Neil Waddington on Vimeo.

You might deem this mid school sundays, but whatever it’s pretty old and features a ton some classic footage from Sean and Clarke, yours truly Effraim Catlow, Liam Ward, Rob Alton, Nick Galway, Ian Coy, Mike O’Connell, Gareth Swan, David Frame, David Blundell, Mark Noble, John Yull, at the UKBFA National in Carlisle, 1989 right as the rolling and scuffing era were combining with a ton of Kevin Jones influence coming into flat.

Old School Sundays – King of Flatland

Great video from the archives for this weeks OSS. The King of Flatland series in the 80s and 90s featured some of the best BMX Freestyle flatland riding in the world during that period. This is a video put together by Northcoast Productions in 1988 with the Cote family that started and ran the competition series.

Old School Sundays – Freestyle BMX / The Video 1984

Another Old School classic sent by the godfather of UK Flat, James White. When you got some time to kill, and fancy knowing a lil’ bit more about the history of ouyr sport, enjoy this one!

“Freestyle BMX the Video. Cameras at the Bristol Bike Show at the Watershed in Bristol November 2nd – 3rd 1984. Freestyle demonstrations by Andy Preston and Mike Pardon, Skyway Trick Team – Paul Hudson, Craig Campbell and Billy Stupple, Torker Trick Team – Julian Parkinson & Andy Minshall.”

Old School Sundays – (1987) AFA Masters Finals: Socco Freestyle Championship

Scott Breithaupt and Ron Stebanne host the 1987 AFA Masters Finals show for this weeks OSS, featuring great contest footage for all you old school heads from the likes of Dennis McCoy, Martin Aparijo, RL Osborn and much more. Classic!

Old School Sundays – Golden Gate Park, SF 1983

James White sent in this awesome SF Golden Gate Park edit that was a TV show feature on the Golden Gate Park Freestyle scene. Features Rick Allison, Vander, Darcy Langlois, Kerry Clayton, Mike Perkins, Ben Rose, Brian Pearcy, Maurice Meyer and other locals. This came out before Freestylin’ Magazine’s first issue exposed the BMX world to the GG park freestyle scene. Sadly the music got cut, so add some Herbie Hancock to this one to get the vibe.