Old School Sundays with Jay Jones

The date is unknown on this event, AFA Tampa 1989/90 is what I’m working with. If you are reading this, let me know in the comments. Jay Jones, what a rider. This guy brought a lot of style to flatland, before I even knew style was a thing. Watch this amazing run, double backwards whiplash to forwards rope, switch handed hang nothings and more, Jay ruled!

Old School Sundays with Aaron Dull

This week we go back to 1988 for our OSS post, and San Francisco flatland legend, Aaron Dull’s run from the AFA in Portland, Oregon. The double backwards boomerang attempt into backyard, backwards perverted out is incredible. And the stick-b and puppet amongst other stuff, such a progressive level of riding for the time period!

Old School Sundays with the Plywood Hoods

Deciding whats’ old school and mid school, goes on and on. This weeks Old School Sundays is dedicated to the game changers, the Plywood Hoods! Peep this show in Lancaster, from 1991. Featuring Kevin Jones, Mark Eaton, Chase Gouin, Chris Young & MC Brett Downs. Grab a cuppa and enjoy this one from the archives! Treats!

Old School Sundays with Tommy Simpson

Back on the Old School tip as I get ready to fly to California tomorrow. Let’s go back to the legendary AFA Masters in Carson, California at the Velodrome ’88. New England rider, Tommy Simpson was so underrated back in the day, loved this guys style since the 80’s and through the Radazine’ era. The double whiplash to elephant glide line at 1:24 is awesome!

Old School Sundays with Gerry Smith

As it’s our 11th anniversary this week here on Flatmattersonline, I figured this weeks OSS would be dedicated to a run that helped inspire me during my younger years. This run from the 88 AFA Masters in Kansas was talked about for years and indeed we are still talking about here on FM in 2019. So ahead of the time, Gerry Smith! Hyped to watch this again this morning..