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Old School Sundays with Albert Retey

For this weeks OSS we got back to 1992, and the Rider Cup contest held in Spitalfields, London, check out Albert Retey’s run which earned him second place in a stacked class!

Old School Sundays with James White

Organised Confusion from James White on Vimeo.

Happy birthday to flatland legend James White, 44 years old today! Check out his video “Organised Confusion” made in 1997!

Old School Sundays – FOB original BMX Music Video “Through the Wall”

Tomorrow I fly out to Denver, Colorado for the Battle in the Rockies, after a search for something Old School themed out of Denver. I came across this video I haven’t seen before with Max Cohdiotti and Roger Bradley! Proper old school vibes in this!

Old School Sundays – Sheffield Early 90′s Scene

A film about the Sheffield BMX scene in the early 90′s from Neil Waddington on Vimeo.

This week OSS features the Sheffield UK riding scene shot mostly in the early 90′s with flatland riding from Dave Proctor, James Needham, and Dameon Mckenna. Great to see this!

Old School Sundays with James McGraw

James McGraw – AFA Austin, TX 1989 from 990Adjustments on Vimeo.

James McGraw has been competing forever! Check out his run from the 88 AFA Texas contest! Another great upload by 990 Adjustments!

Old School Sundays with Jeff Cotter

Jeff Cotter – AFA Austin, TX 1988 from 990Adjustments on Vimeo.

Jeff Cotter had some wild surfer/grip ride moves back in the day, check out his run from the AFA Austin, TX 1988 contest! Thank you 990Adjustments for the upload!

Old School Sundays with Joe Gruttola

Joe Gruttola 1986 AFA Velodrome Run from Haro82 on Vimeo.

Back to 1986 for this weeks Old School Sundays and Joe Gruttola’s run from AFA Velodrome contest. Hit and play, great riding for the time!

Old School Sundays with PTR Trickteam

For this weeks OSS we go back to 1985, and the PTR Trickteam Show at Jugendpark, Köln. Thanks to Jffe sending this one in!

Old School Sundays with Larry Bull

For the weeks OSS we go back to Holeshot 1987, and the amazing riding of Larry Bull.

Old School Sundays with Krys Dauchy

For this weeks OSS we go back to 1988, and Krys Dauchy’s run from the AFA Austin Texas contest, enjoy!