Old School Sundays – BMX Plus! / Rad TV / The Sequel

The guys at Snakebite just uploaded this old school gem from the archives, put together by the BMX Plus crew the sequel to RAD is full of your typical 80’s cheese, nevertheless worth watching this one and seeing how far we have progressed and where we came from. Featuring the likes of Woody Itson, Martin Aparijo and many more.

Old School Sundays with Kevin Jones, Gerry Smith and John Huddleston

The last Old School Sundays of the year, let’s make it a good one! Great footage from the BMX archives by khelagger, featuring a Skyway Show with Kevin Jones and some Austin Texas 1988 footage of Gerry Smith and John Huddleston. At 30 minutes long I realise new school heads won’t watch this, although I will say you will learn a thing or two if you do…

Old School Sundays with Gerry Smith, Joe Gruttola, Krys Dauchy, Jeff Cotter & Steve Mulder

Great footage from the AFA archives for this weeks OSS, we go back to 1988 and the Ohio AFA Masters featuring Gerry Smith, Joe Gruttola, Krys Dauchy, Jeff Cotter & Steve Mulder. Lookout for Joe Gruttola’s infamous double decade at the 3:47 mark.

Old School Sunday Special: Catching Up with Robert Castillo

Today I am stoked to publish this Old School Sunday Special with BMX flatland legend, Robert Castillo. Robert grew up riding for GT/Dyno, and has done it all and still rides and competes to this day. Enjoy this episode.

00:24: How old are you? How long riding and how did Robert get into flatland?

1:45: When you started riding was it only flatland you rode, did you have to ride flatland and ramps when you few up competing?

3:45: What was it like growing up with Ruben, did you guys do the same tricks growing up, were you rivals?

5:13: When did you start competing?

6:00: Did you and your brother, Ruben get sponsored by GT/Dyno at the same time?

7:03: What bike did you ride when you first get on GT?

7:30: What was expected of you when you on GT?

9:03: As a result of getting on GT did you see a lot of magazine coverage come your way?

11:03: Inventing the no dead time between tricks style.

12:14: Battle in the Rockies being one of the hardest contests for him emotionally after breaking his toe the day before.

13:26: From becoming a young kid on GT, how long was it until you went on tour?

15:15: Going on tour with his child hero, Martin Aparijo?

16:27: Competing against Kevin Jones?

18:44: Being on GT when Kevin Jones joined the team?

20:00: Who was your manager growing up on GT?

21:48: Stories from the GT Tours.

26:19: At what point did you see show riding as your number one focus and job?

30:09: Working for Woody Itson.

32:40: Did you guys do the same routine everyday on tour?

33:56: Working with Dave Voelker and Pete Brandt, going solo running shows.

37:15: What got you back into the contest scene?

40:05: Podium at BITR with a broken toe.

41:49: What advice do you give to kids trying to get into flatland?

45:32: Plans for 2018.

48:41: Any final thanks?

Old School Sundays with Greg Macomber

During my younger years riding for Hutch here in the UK, I always wanted to see my american Hutch team mate Greg Macomber ride, and in the days of only printed media it was only possible to read trick descriptions and the odd photo here and there in the magazines, with that being said here is some footage of Greg riding back in 1987.

Old School Sundays – 1989 PA AFA: 4H-Club Somerset County NJ.

At over two and half hours long I realise this isn’t for everyone, but for all you old school heads out there that I ask me if I have any fresh unseen AFA footage.I have never seen this one before, so this for you! The 1989 PA AFA regional contest at 4H-Club Somerset County in New Jersey. Featuring the Alder brothers, Craig Lepage and many more.