Old School Sundays – 1988 AFA Masters Pro Class

It’s been a few weeks, so lets make this a good one from the archives. Let’s go back to 1988, and some rad footage from the Pro Class at the 88 AFA Masters in Carson, California featuring Dennis McCoy, Martin Aparijo, Woody Itson, Chris Lashua and more.

Old School Sundays with Simon Stojko Falk

Sometimes the lines are blurred for me what is old school, mid school, and so on. This weeks OSS is dedicated to Simon Stojko Falk, he and his father used to document the European flatland contests so well (into full videos with the top three) in each class. Simon deserves a bit of attention himself, rad style! Check his run from the 97 Worlds in Eindhoven.

Old School Sundays with Hiro Tsuchida R.I.P.

This weeks OSS is a heartfelt one for sure, many of us are still coming to terms with the very sad news of Hiro Tsuchida passing away earlier in the week. Absolute no brainer to dedicate this weeks OSS post to Hiro. Let’s go back to 1991 and the Rampage contest, love the opening Cliff to hitch. RIP Hiro Tsuchida.