Old School Sundays – King of Concrete 1991

King of Concrete 1991 – Flatland from Neil Waddington on Vimeo.

Another old school gem from Neil Waddington, for this weeks OSS we go back to King of Concrete 1991 featuring Andy Burke, James White, Dylan Worsley, Thomas Loison, (Myself)Effraim Catlow and Tas Szollosi. Enjoy!

Old School Sundays with Steven Bisseker

Steven Bisseker – Show Us Some Skills from James White on Vimeo.

Every so often my pick for OSS blurs the lines of what many refer to as old/mid school, for me 1992 is old school. And one of the standout riders from the time period who doesn’t get enough credit is Steven Bisseker, hit play to watch his amazing section from James White’s Show US Some Skills video, the cliff with foot on bar was a worlds first, and in a straight line too! Gnarly!

Old School Sundays – Woodhaven, Pa AFA Contest Jam Circle

Jam Circles seem to be a thing of the past, love the feel of this Woodhaven AFA Contest Jam Circle edit with tons of good riding from the likes of John Huddleston, Jay Jones, Craig LePage, Ross Smith, Mark Mckee, Hamid Rashidzada and more.

Old School Sundays with Dennis McCoy

With the news the AFA is reborn again, it’s as good excuse as I need to post some AFA footage from back in the day for this weeks OSS. If you haven’t seen this run from Dennis McCoy before at the AFA Kansas Finals 88, the music over the top kind of spoils it. I always like to get the energy from the music and crowd noise, but nevertheless the rolling over and out to macaroni at 00:35 is amazing!