Chad Degroot – Hoffman Bicycle Stunt Contest / Chicago ’94

Up until today, I don’t recall seeing Chad Degroot’s full run from Hoffman Bicycle Stunt Contest at Scrap in Chicago. Don’t sleep on this, almost all the combos stand up still today! Absolutely amazing creativity and execution, respect!

5 thoughts on “Chad Degroot – Hoffman Bicycle Stunt Contest / Chicago ’94

  1. Ive been wanting to see this run of his since 94 . Thanks a ton to whomever uploaded this ! Thanks , of course to you , Big-E for selecting such SLLAAAAAAMM DOZERED exclusive content . I swear ……Seems like this site is reading my mind of things I want to see , and haven’t yet , or things I look forward to viewing ! AGREED , Effraim , these combos STILL hold weight today . Chad is in my personal top 20 of the most skilled , creative innovators to hit bmx flatland running since he picked up a bike ! Id pay money to be able to do these combos…..Now , haha . Baco bmx life , son !

  2. Actually, this run was posted by KHE Lagger in March ’17, shot from a different angle, better quality/sound under the title “Chad and Day” (Day Smith’s run was also in the clip) Timeless, awesome riding!

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