8 thoughts on “Chase Gouin – 1993 BS Finals

    • That threw me off too… I was positive Degroot won in 94 since I’d read the BMX Plus issue covering that year a million times bitd… Lol.

  1. Thanks guys for the correction, that’ll teach me for just taking off the description without checking. Lesson learned. 93 was a great year too with Lionel Cardoso taking the win in AM, and so much amazing riding in the pro class. He and his friend Armen made the trip with Alexis D to scrap and filmed the entire thing, I ash I could wish that video still.

  2. I think the Chase footage is from 93 and the DeGroot / Day Smith is from 94.
    Chase was not at the Scrap contest in 94 to the best of my knowledge. DeGroot won in 94, and I think those tricks are from that year. (I was practically stalking those guys during that era).

    Plus, the song Chad is riding to is “Root Down” which was on Ill Communication. That album wasn’t released until 94.

  3. I was wondering about that too. I know the Chase footage had to be ’93, because he fled the U.S. in early 1994, and moved to Europe. I had seen Chad ride at the Moreno Valley contest in early 1994, and during the Moreno Valley contest he wasn’t doing this Darkside variation. I remember seeing photos of him doing this Darkside Hitchhiker to Backpacker in Ride though when he won the Scrap contest in ’94. Most likely because of that trick alone.

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