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This letter is to inform you of Chase Gouin’s battle against illness and his current health condition. On December 12, 2009, Chase woke up with a severe headache and was feeling ill. For the next fifteen months he saw more than twenty different Doctors and Specialists who did every kind of traditional test and scan that they believed to be relevant and yet they found nothing that they could diagnose. At one point during that time, Chase decided to move out of his basement apartment and discovered what appeared to be mold in two locations in his bedroom, one being in the wall merely three feet from the head of his bed. Petri dish lab results confirmed three types of mold that are known to be pathogenic to humans under conditions like the ones he was living in (i.e. an old building basement with poor ventilation).
He soon began to suspect that his illness might have been caused by the prolonged close proximity and breathing in of mold spores. A Naturopathic Doctor ordered an advanced DNA based stool sample analysis that he sent to a high tech lab in Georgia. The results confirmed much more and worse than he expected. Results showed the highest possible concentration rating of yeast/fungal overgrowth throughout his body; in the cells, tissues, and bloodstream. A parasite was also found, that may be from the exactly numerous mosquito bites he received one night on an island in Panama in November, 2008. The yeast/fungi and parasite consume most of his fat soluble vitamins which causes a mal absorption disease. The constant and relentless symptoms that Chase has been suffering with include a toxic feeling headache, a cracking kind of facial pressure/pain, numerous sinus issues, tearing goopy eyes, chronic fatigue/weakness, debilitating lethargy, and others. These kinds of infestations can and have resulted in cognitive impairment, memory loss, lack of concentration and disorientation. The immune system also becomes severely weakened and goes into a hyper defence mode which causes multiple environmental chemical sensitivities along with food allergies and devastating reactions to many typically harmless substances that have had him bed ridden for days and even weeks at a time.
The suffering he has endured along with the apathy, denial, and lies he has encountered in the health care system have put him in a desperate situation in which he is racing to find real answers and a cure. Ninety five percent of what he has discovered has been through his own research while enduring the host of symptoms listed above, he barely props himself up at the computer, makes phone calls and writes letters, all of which are only possibly due to the minor relief provided by taking prescription pain killers and sedatives. He has been on a restricted diet of no yeast or sugar, as well as a custom protocol of anti-fungal and anti-parasitic supplements. For over a year now he has lived in a new apartment with all laminate flooring (can’t have carpeting), with an expensive air purifier, all natural household cleaning products, spotless living quarters, and he must bring a medical mask with him everywhere he goes. Nothing has yet changed or improved my health in any way.
He thought it was good news when he got the diagnosis five months ago, but it turns out that most modern western Doctors are not educated in the types of diseases Chase is dealing with. Because of this they are actually known as “the quiet epidemics”. Even an infectious disease Specialist was not familiar with the lab results or methodology used, and she did not accept his plus four fungal overgrowth rating. She ordered blood tests unrelated to evidence he presented to her and ordered him to do three more inferior culture based stool tests which he had already done and which failed to detect what is there. He even printed out information from the Metametrix lab and submitted it to the I.D. Specialist in an attempt to inform her. It has been a struggle trying to convince and educate the Doctors so that they can help him. Many of these encounters have left him feeling that such efforts have been utterly futile and that the health system is severely broken.
The pain medication he is on is interfering with the metabolizing of the food he eats and supplements he takes which renders them ineffective but, he needs the meds simply to function and to continue the mission to save his own life. Besides that, the side effects and withdrawal symptoms of the pain meds makes it difficult to decipher the real pain from the symptoms of his disease, so it is difficult to determine if he is making any progress.
What he needs to do is find what’s called an integrated Medical Doctor who knows about these diseases and how to treat them aggressively and successfully, which may require heavy duty intravenous medications. He is currently in debt due to all the medical costs not covered by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan and unable to effectively pursue a solution to his condition. He cannot even try to ride or exercise because if he does in this weakened state his symptoms become ten times worse. For a high-level professional athlete known for his aggressive and intense riding style, not being able to ride or be active at all for the past fifteen months has taken a serious toll on his physical fitness and emotional well-being. In the face of these extreme obstacles Chase is holding out hope that he may find some real help soon to eradicate these insidious infections, and get back to the love of his life…riding.
Chase has brought so much to the world of flatland and BMX in general. He has inspired many and he has been dedicated to pushing his own limits of potential. He has also been encouraging and helped others to do and be their best. More than that, he has been a true friend and a genuine person. He has been a flatland icon for many years, helping flatland to stay alive in its lowest points. Now I am sincerely asking you to help Chase stay alive through what is no doubt his lowest point. With your help, Chase can continue to pursue the additional medical attention he needs to try and conquer his debilitating condition. The Athlete Recovery Fund has agreed to financially assist Chase towards his cause, but he cannot depend on that as the only source for help, so that is why we need your help. We ask that you please donate to Chase’s recovery fund today. Please give anything that you can so that we can help to get Chase to return to good health and hopefully one day he will be able to get back on his bike and be that amazing rider we all know him to be.

Donations may be sent via paypal to the following address: HYPERLINK “”

Chase’s close personal friend Ryan Quinn has set up the paypal account on Chase’s behalf since Chase doesn’t have a credit card. So don’t be alarmed if Ryan’s name shows up on your paypal receipt. All of your donations are going directly to supporting Chase’s recovery mission.

Brandon Fenton

32 thoughts on “Chase Gouin recovery fund

  1. Been talking to Chase lately and yes, this is a serious illness he is suffering from. Please show your support and donate to the fund, Chase dedicated his life for flatland and inspired so many people all over the world including myself. Now it is time to step up and show some respect for the one and only Chase Gouin!

  2. Im with Martti on this one , everyone is in a position to help even the smallest donation amount will help and i dont think this is just because its Chase id like to think any member of the flatland community with serious health implications would receive the help and support from fellow riders.

  3. Such a terrible time Chase is enduring right now my heart goes out to him ,and pray to god that he recovers to live his life again, lets unite within this flatland community and like Martti says support and donate to the fund whatever we can every bit helps its a worthwhile cause that will benefit somebody who’s had a big impact on a lot of people in the riding world ,lets hope we get to see that riding again someday.

  4. Had no idea about this. How awful for chase. He is one of my favourite riders. I will definately be supporting. I sincerly hope that chase finds the doctors with the medical knowledge and gets the treatment he needs.

    Surely the flatland community as a whole can get together to help chase as in my eyes chase is FLATLAND…

  5. chase is the reason i start ride flatland,from when i saw chase gouin ded,i felt i need to ride flatland.
    i hope he will get well soon,as this must be a hard situation.
    All the best.

  6. Im so sorry to hear that. I will definately be supporting him.I know his situation because ive been struggling with bone cancer for 10 yrs but im still here and try to ride flatland. Chase,never give up! Never give up and trust yourself,your family and your friends!Get well soon!And all the best.

  7. sad to hear the legend is cronically ill, my heart and support goes out to him, great cause for a great person, flatland is a family sport and like helping a fellow rider with parts so do we in health, ill do my part and support the man who showed riders it is possible.

  8. I’m setting up a benefit jam in Austin at the OG for Saturday Sept. 10th. I’ll have a flyer soon with more info.

  9. So sorry to hear Chase is still suffering, I really hope he finds a successful solution.

    What exactly is the definition of an “integrated doctor”, is it one who practices both Eastern and Western medicine?

  10. I initially donated 50 euro to wrong email but now i canceled it. I re-donated 100 canadian dollars to that address just now and saw name of Mr. Quinn. I guess the money will go to donation purpose for Chase …

  11. Yes it will. Thank you Seongtaek. I apologize to all for the e-mail mix-up but when you have several people working together over the internet to try and help out a friend sometimes the information gets mixed up in the shuffle. Chase confirmed last I talked to him that the donations are now coming through successfully. Thank you everyone for your support!

  12. Updated the main post Brandon, thanks for the update! Flatmatters will be making a donation in the very near future. Great to hear Kwon already on it! much respect!
    Brandon, is there any news regarding any kind of cure for Chase, and where does he have to go etc for it? Or is still unknown… This really sucks…

  13. So far we don’t have any information about anything like a guaranteed cure. He has been on a very strict diet for a very long time now that was supposed to help but so far there haven’t been any recognized positive effects. The only “potentially” good news lately was that he has gained a little bit of weight which might be a good sign, but he is waiting on some tests to find out if there has been any positive developments in terms of a potential reduction of parasites/fungal concentration in his system. Thanks for getting involved and helping with this Effraim!

  14. Brandon or Effraim, please contact me with the email I provided. I registered the original email address to prevent it from being highjacked. Not all payments have been cancelled. I’ll give you the password.

  15. Daniil,

    I’ve just sent an e-mail to the old incorrect donations address. If you can respond to me at the e-mail address that I’ve messaged you from, I can take over and let those people who haven’t yet cancelled their payments what the correct address is. Thanks!

  16. I am an admirer of the art of chase … he was a pilot of many bases he broke all chains that bound him, taking his brakes and showing everything and posivel that you makes you stronger …. and he even try that lifestyle underground are your fans here and we will make all our prayers for your best and donate what you can donate that God enlighten you chase …..

  17. Daniil,

    The e-mail account is asking for the city we normally log in from as a security measure. Can you e-mail us what city you are from and any other security question answers you may have set up?

  18. I would suggest giving up on medical doctors completely. There are some amazing natural alternatives that have seen amazing results. Not sure where you are located but go to this web site and check it out. If you are not in the area maybe she will know someone else that you can go to.
    Sandy uses NAET methods CURE allergies and diseases. She is amazing and I have personally seen amazing results with her.

  19. We are definitely coming together to help Chase!
    Every rider i know that i can possibly get in touch i ‘ll make them consious that this is OUR TIME to show how much love we have for Chase.
    In Brazil riders are well aware of his serious illness and are already organizing a major flatland jam to collect funds.


  21. hi brandon i had agood time with chase ones and im really sad as well we meet with chase 2000 summer in budapest we had a good time that was his last night in hungary and wemake a good frendship i knw He remember me i really wish to contact him if u can help me with this ?PLEASE?my name is joe many thanx take care

  22. The FATCATS in the BICYCLE industry need to step up and pay for Chases medical! 9 BILLION in annual bicycle sales. I think they have enough to help him! When i found out about this it made me very angry that top riders in all forms of bmx weren’t getting a fair share of that money.They should be getting million dollar contracts and unlimited health insurance just like football and baseball players or nascar drivers. Chase is a very good friend of mine and i am very concerned about this. Some changes need to be made in this industry it is ridiculous that the best rider in flatland freestyle bmx doesn’t even have health insurance let alone a million dollars. I say we riders boycott the bicycle industry by not promoting or purchasing their bicycles or parts until it is corrected!

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