18 thoughts on “Chris Thresher – Early 90’s

  1. This is the craziest video i’ve seen in a long time…it is beyong freestyle flatland,its suicide flatland!!ha!Dude is simply incredible.Nick Watts says Chris never rode with brakes!Any other details??Tristan??

  2. He used to do these funny things with so much enthusiasm, in his contest runs. They made a lot of us laugh Giannis. Some these spots brought back memories because l rode with Chris, Nick and others there. Chris was very laid back & friendly. That.jump out of the bowl, where he tries the body varial, was 1 of John Parker’s on vert.. And Chris was doing these links & tricks no of us were doing, at least here. He just did his own thing, as you probably can see.

  3. Thanks heaps for sharing the vid Effraim! Chris was one of the OG riders that made up the flatland scene in Melbourne, Australia during the 90’s. We used to ride most weekends together, pushing each other to try new concepts. So many good memories and it’s great to see his riding is finally getting some recognition!! I have another edit I’ll post in the next couple of days. Cheers Nick

  4. That was definitely worth watching and I will watch many more times as well. That guy was creative and all before brakeless was a thing so he was figuring all this out on his own. Cant wait to more of him. Thanks Nick!

  5. Hey Effraim do you remember the opening freak squeak on the stem in Freestyler 91??Well…it looks like Chris here did it 25 years ago in Australia!!!ha!

  6. Ive watched this edit more than 30 times this week and everytime i discover something new on it.Mid ninenties i had this Haro sport with the bashguard and i can tell you was a hell of a heavy frame! but Chris looks like hes floating on it!!Remember also we were putting stickers on the plastic seat,good times!Sooo nostalgic for the 90s watching this video…and i am wondering as a rider who came to light in 2014 in my 30s with the Freestyler series,who else is out there and shredding without noone taking him noticed or discovered by accident??

  7. AGREED , TIMES 7 , Giannis ……..I , too have been watching this a bunch , taking it in ! This cat really was ahead of da game , with his riding , really , really dope !!! @ 33 SECONDS , His backwards fork roll , bars big , left foot / tire jam , x-upping his arms , as he butter slips around the bars , tire jamming , again , with his right foot , to a pink , to a switch hand fork roll / steam , climbing over to a quick chicken , switching to a kinda tomahawk looking roll out , climbing over to riding backwards , to a kinda , stand and spin exit …..like a sit and spin , exit…….THAT , and this ENTIRE friggin edit RULED !!!! ANOTHER early brakeless pioneer !! Gracias , Mr. Watts for sharing THIS , AND Big -E , for the post ! As much as I comb the net , for HOURS on end , after work , just searching EVERY bmx rider , their edits , interviews , contest runs , new comobs/ tricks , etc , etc……..Ive never came across THIS guy ….EVER , hahaha. Again , THATS why I love THIS site , getting THESE kind of riders their due / exposure . Anymore video of this cat would be GREATLY appreciated , Nick ! Even things like his 360 pivot to pull up bar , just thrown on the fly, @ 29 SECONDS …..I liked that , as well ! This cat just FREESTYLES , digging THAT , a lot ….just like YOU , Giannis , a TRUE freestyler , whose BEEN ruling on his bike……..under the BMX radar ….who was also brought to the light , and got his much DESERVED / EARNED exposure . Really , STOKED on Thresher …..gonna watch , AGAIN …before work today………….Chris is TECH and BURLY , with his riding , kinda reminds me of a Craig Grasso / Dave Beveridge mix , if ya morphed BOTH of em together , riding flatland , haha……..THATS a GOOD thing , to me ,anyway……………

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