6 thoughts on “Chris Wright edit

  1. I filmed all this mostly around 2005/2006 for my elitemindset videos , chris has edited all his bits out and put them together here , most of this is at my spot and bristol actually surprised you guys didnt notice anyways chris disappeared from the flat scene around 2006 didnt speak to anyone from our riding circle for years but recently spoke briefly to say he is riding again , his user name on global is Yizu. Actually the clip on the garage you can see me with my back to the camera . Chris does some mad shit just a shame he isnt a tad more social these days .

    • Hey ciaran, I knew you made this edit, I think it was Chris who sent it in. That is great to hear he is still riding! Those multiple cliff barflips in 05/06 is great!!! each to their own on the social bit, at least hes riding, that in itself is a good thing. He kills it!

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