Coming Through On The Odyssey Clutch v2

Riders like James McGraw and Pete Brandt swear by the Odyssey Clutch free coaster, the teamover at Odyssey HQ just fired out this promo for the new and improved v2 hub. Although there is no flatland, theres still a lot of tech moves that cross over, take a peak. Info on the hub and improvement towards the end.

4 thoughts on “Coming Through On The Odyssey Clutch v2

  1. Love the street”Jibb” style. Always said Edwin D. was the best flatland rider I’ve ever seen, that does it 3 feet off the ground! The way they link stuff is really creative/thoughtful and their bike control is other worldly!!!!!

    • It’s an interesting concept that’s for sure. Great to see some innovation in the freecoaster market.
      Personally wasn’t a fan of the Ezra hub, so hopefully this is a step in the right direction.

  2. I’ve been running a Clutch V2 for the last 14 months. Definitely my favourite freecoaster I’ve used.
    I broke the driveside collar but it was replaced under warranty.
    The only other issue I have is that if I slam the rear pegs hard 90° to the ground, next time it engages you get a slight click as if something inside isn’t seated right.
    Those are very minor problems though, overall it’s been great.

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