Cory Fester-16 days!

Cory Fester 16 Days from cory fester on Vimeo.

9 thoughts on “Cory Fester-16 days!

  1. This video has really made me stop and think about riding, and what's possible. There are so many moves in this I've never seen anyone else do, but have dreamed about and knew were possible.

    It's also a nice staging of our everyday relationship with the elements as a flatland rider (elements including gravity!)

    Well done Cory, great vid!

  2. I like the fact Cory tested himself and used the filming as motivation for his riding, to me thats pretty inspiring stuff! As good as Cory is, and people know he is, I still think he's underrated if that makes sense.

  3. cory done put the pedal to metal!
    very inspiring indeed.
    smooth stylin and bomb tricks.
    just love those crazy jumps.
    i enjoy this video alot.
    makes me wanna ride cant wait til tomorrow!


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