Crazy new Akihiko Takahashi edit!!!

So much good stuff on this edit, wow!! Check it out!!!!

8 thoughts on “Crazy new Akihiko Takahashi edit!!!

  1. So much good stuff, woweee, awesome edit, really liking his backwards pumping stuff, tech!!! Going to watch this again in a bit, digest this all again.

  2. Aki really made my day when I received his email with this video this morning…it was like : "best wishes in 2010, here is a small present" hahahaha…..

    this guy keeps amazing me every single time, so much great stuff in this video…

    I'm really proud to have Aki as part of Zion team…you met him, you know what I'm talking about..

    P.S. so great to see Sam's influence on Aki's riding , even though their styles are nothing alike…

  3. I hear you mislav! Aki is a top fella, love how Gus riding direction is going he's mixing lot of different styles together, the backwards pumping stuff (hang ten, crackpacker, halfpacker) is progressing fast!!!
    Much respect, I hope we get out there for some more sessions!!!

  4. WOW what a way to start the new year i've just been out riding seen this and come to the conclusion that this is quite possibly the best riding i've ever seen , respect.

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