Cream 31 is about to drop/Plus some News

Cream 31 arrives into Paris Tuesday 9th December, so will be available everywhere else about a week after. In the UK, if you live anywhere near a Borders they sell Cream, worldwide orders of course are available from Flatlandfuel. This looks to be a packed issue. Big up Cream for supporting flatland!

Couple of bits of news:
KHE’s Adam Kun is off his bike for at least a month, damaging a muscle in his back. Get well soon Adam! Some big news from Adam in February….”From the Sky up”, Stewart Munro’s follow up to the epic “Here comes the sun” is about to drop anyday at Flatlandfuel, full sections with Simon O’Brien, Chase Gouin including 20 min solo part, Matt Wilhelm, Aaron Frost, Ed Nussbaum, Akihiko Takahashi (check Aki’s blog also:

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