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The new issue of Cream bmx lifestyle magazine arrived in the post today, the cover features Terry Adams underwater upside down, Cream covers flatland like no other, issue 33 takes us to ten years of the magazine! An unbelievable achievement in itself, and testament to the fact a magazine can cover all parts of BMX and survive.
But for the purposes of this review I will just talk about the flat, it’s the flat that matters. Sorry couldn’t resist that!
The cover article is Floatland riders, 6 pages of Terry and models under water. In all manner of positions, oo er…
Alain’s editorial this issue focuses on the achievement of ten years of cream magazine.
My favourite articles of this issue, are the Ucchie interview, the story of how he arrived to be a pro rider (quite interesting so I won’t spoil it for you), his logic riding approach, how he handles the pressure, etc etc, all makes for great interview, Green g shot the photos, say no more!
This leads me onto Green G’s photos “Japanese influence”, this issue focussing on Hiroya Morisaki and Ryoji Yammamoto, I really like what Green G had to say about yammers riding “A kind of beauty is found in a trick trimmed of the fat and polished to the utmost point.”
The topic of one of best flatchats yet, Trevlon Hall gets a great interview and photos, talking about the need for infrustructure in flatland, and how hes grown as a rider.
Besides these three great articles which stood out for me, there’s coverage of the Circle Cow, two portfolios with riders Reny Issaly, and Sebastian Heck, Jomopro coverage, Chad Johnston’s interviews the Old school at the Woodward Reunion. Cream covers all types of BMX, it stands out for me as being the leading BMX magazine on the planet right now. Great issue!! Thanks Alain!

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