10 thoughts on “Danny Sirkin & Joe Cicman [24″ Cruiser Flatland]

  1. They are super stable, yet they tend to pull you in a straight line so it’s much harder to spin. The challenge, however, is what makes them so much fun! Definitely a completely different feel than a 20″ flatland bike. Keep in mind that we are using a new 24″ with freestyle geometry. As far as I know, Sunday and Specialized are the only ones who use it, and of course, Sunday invented it.
    Thank you for posting our flick!

  2. So Danny, do you still dabble with a 20″ “Flatland bike” any longer?
    Why to you switch up a wheel size when say for example- you could’ve ridden a larger tt 20″ street frame for flatland?
    I’m curious, as i’m sort of going down a similar route!

  3. Hey, BMXism

    Danny does, in-fact diddle with 20’s and he’s pretty good actually. I learn a lot from how dialed he is.

    He got in to 20-something’s when Sunday and Specialized put flatland geometry on a cruiser because it was really a first-of-its-kind and opened up a whole new realm of possibilities. They take a little more muscle to move around, but one you get used to them you can use their momentum to achieve a lot more stability.

    As far as bikes go, he just likes cruisers.

    See ya

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