DeepBMX start Autum Bikes!

Here’s the word from founders Matti Rose & Thomas Hirsch!

“We are more than happy to announce the launch of our new BMX hardware and soft goods line AUTUM coming straight out of the deepBMX collective! After a long time of testing and planning, our product range will be available beginning of december 2011 in selected stores worldwide.”

Hit the links yo!

12 thoughts on “DeepBMX start Autum Bikes!

  1. james whites frame is a razzia prototype so it is finally available and Deep will not definetly not die! That i can
    say! Just be patient! Ride on and on and on! 🙂

  2. Sorry for the confusion. The Razzia frame is NOT his signature frame but it’s actually the frame he is riding for some time now 😉

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