Dez Maarsen – Insta Ammo

Instagram edits seem to be on the rise this year, Dez Maarsen has a huge back of tricks and great depth in front and back wheel riding. The halfhiker 360 pressure flip to halfpacker line at 5:52 is a classic from Dez, this one isa. good watch start to finish!

7 thoughts on “Dez Maarsen – Insta Ammo

  1. Wow!very impressed every time I watch Dez.maybe cause I suck on these pivots!hehe!And this halfhiker pressure flip you say Effraim is a classic of Dez and I don’t think that too many dudes have pull it.I’ve seen Gabe Kadmiri in Create,Mates Tucek….who else?I must try it for sure.Great work Dez,I’m a fan of you since Flat ground 2004!!!

  2. I agree Giannis, excellent pivot skills, not 1 bit of struggling at all & as Effraim said, great on both wheels. Thanks Effraim.

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