10 thoughts on “Dominik Nekolny Final Run Highlights + Run 1 – Texas Toast!

    • Im so stoked recently it seems like really hard tricks have returned to the contest environment. Two big wins for Dom in the states this year! As Lionel said that is a “war” combo! Inspiring! Im pretty sure other pros will look at that and be like, man I gotta step up! This is great for flat! Yes Dom!

  1. hugabass is Lionel C ? lets stick to real names , yeah best comp run ever period , no fancy street moves no half cab 180’sand 360’s all over the place like Dandy boy just pure flatland through and through, Dom well deserved 🙂

  2. Thought you were a fellow expert Prashan ? try some Tickletum kids medicine to get rid of that cough TJ gave you , yes this is inspiring agree but many opinions like you i disregard like wearing womens jeans we are all different each to their own , my opinion mind my opinion my balls need to breathe as i’m a man .

  3. Did Shooter McGavin teach you the secret yet?

    Awesome! That last combo was as good as it gets. Unreal!!! Kinda reminded me of the level we used to see from Justin Miller.

  4. Agree with Paul, Dominik brings the tech to the comps the same way Justin used to. So freaking awesome to watch, thanks to Rad Dad for the video…

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