Dominik Nekolny wins Barcelona Extreme

Photo: Matthias Dandois

Fresh in from a scorching Saturday afternoon in Barcelona, Dominik Nekolny won the Barcelona Extreme which of course was Round 2 of the 2014 World Circuit, Dom was followed on the podium by Yohei Uchino, and Moto Sasaki.
Congratulations Dom, Ucchie and Moto plus all the other riders who busted out in the heat! It’s been a long day judging, back out to enjoy the sunshine. More news, photos, in the next few days..

3 thoughts on “Dominik Nekolny wins Barcelona Extreme

  1. Do you have points and current standings E? Also, do you know how the points work and what the judging criteria are? Hope you’re having a good holiday over there. The series is really picking up momentum. Hopefully I’ll see some of the boys in Japan in October. Cheers, Paul.

    • @paul – system used was top 12 qualify then semi final down to top 6 2.5 minutes each. Then top 6 down to top 3, judging criteria each judge had set criteria to focus on, degree of difficulty + originality, consistency, style flow and artistic vision, and variety. The system worked well, live scoring onto an iPad, as the event was on Spanish TV. I don’t have all scores as there was no wifi at the flatland area.
      Great times in Barcelona for sure, off to ride the city today with whiteski.

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