Dominik Nekolny wins Pro Year Title – AM FLT Series!

Photo credit: JIm McKay.

Bit late posting this, but anyway! Congrats to Dominik Nekolny for winning the Pro Year end Title in the AM FLT Series. JFB and Terry Adams rounded out the top 3. Congrats to all!

7 thoughts on “Dominik Nekolny wins Pro Year Title – AM FLT Series!

  1. Congrats Dom! You killed it all year. An honor to have you at 3 rounds this year!

    Also a HUGE shoutout to JFB!!! He gets the IronMan award! JF was only Pro who make all 4 stops!

    Terry rode consistent all year too!

    I look forward to Dom defending his title next year!

    It was an privilege seeing everyone on the circuit this year. Thanks to everyone who came out. The riders make the circuit. Thanks.

  2. Yes! A well deserved award for Dom.

    What’s crazy is that he not only made it out to three of the four amflat events, but he was also at (and won!) voodoo jam, along with countless other European contests.

    I honestly can’t think of another rider that has attended more events this year, which is even more impressive when you consider Dom has a full time job at home.

  3. DOM, congrats for the year end and all you have accomplished this year. Truly amazing what you have done with limited sponsorship support. PROPS!

  4. Thank you all guys! Nice to hear that! Yeah, its very different when you have to care yourself about everything with no sponsors or friend support…and you’ve got paid only 2 tickets 😉

    • That’s both motivating to hear Dom! But also a lil sad at same time. One of the riders of the year, and you don’t have at least flights paid for. Hopefully after this years results, you will get that. Much deserved! Whats the deal with your tyres Dom? Will they be available worldwide?

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