Down Underground Round 1 Video Results!

Congratulations to the winners, this was a fun went to judge!

“DownUnderGround series 9 is now underway. Round 1 – the video round is now complete. We thank all the riders who have put in the effort to film a video round contest run and submit it in. We had a good number of entries this year but there are plenty more riders out there in Australia that could submit a video to help promote BMX flatland here in Australia. The results are in for all three categories, beginner, expert and open from the 3 international legendary judges, riders Effraim Catlow, Joe Cicman and Pete Olsen. We are very stoked to have had these legends judging the contest. Each of these riders have contributed so much to the global flatland scene over the many many years. A big thank you to our supporters of DownUnderGround Freestyle Now, Colony BMX and GAIN Protection for their support and supplying prizes. To look over the past contest history and results look over the DownUnderGround contest results page.

DownUnderGround , the Australian bmx flatland contest series has been rolling since 2008. When the series first started it was 4 physical rounds all around Australia. As Australia is a large country its expensive to fly so it was cut to 3 round until a few years ago it was settled to have 2 physical round and a video round. Round 2 will take place at the Bridport Aerodrome in Tasmania on Saturday 10th June. Round 3 the finals will be in Melbourne 25th November.

The video contest concept is simple, each rider gets to submit one contest video run, up to two minutes long, as if they were riding at a flatland contest. The video run gets judged using the same criteria as a normal contest, difficulty, consistency and variety. Points are awarded and these points go towards the year end title. This year we have had a record number of entries which is good as the Australian flatland scene needs this type of involvement. It is also good to see many beginners both young and old keen to show their riding. DownUnderGround was started just over 9 years ago to help promote flatland bmx in Australia, to help make it grow. This type of contest helps to promote bmx flatland in Australia. The Australian scene is a small one compared to many other countries with most riders over the age of 30 years old. New riders are needed to get into flatland and this is one of the primary goals of the DownUnderGround contest series.”

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