Effraim Catlow Flatmatters exclusive!!

Alright here’s the first FM exclusive from yours truly, a lot of people have been asking for more footage of me, so I’m going to publish my progression as and when, I had to re-film again this morning, as the previous attempt came out at 90 degrees, so this is fresh from this morning session! The sun is shining, I’m stoked! enjoy!

17 thoughts on “Effraim Catlow Flatmatters exclusive!!

  1. Thanks everyone!! Keep an eye for more, I've already progressed on this combo today for example as a result of filming this clip. To answer Lachlans question, the floor at southsea has Lil more grip to it than say a slippery contest floor, what helped me for jomopro were a few factors, riding on a slippery indoor spot two months before everyday, and changing my front tyre to a soft compound khe tyre.At level vibes I was sliding all over the place, no matter what I did. Now I realise soft compound tyres are the way to go for me and my riding spots.
    The odyssey I was using on the back at jomo was too slippery, Pat gave me the new prototype soft odyssey tyre and way better immediately, even more grip than the khe to be honest. I'll be doing a product review very soon to talk about these issues.

  2. Love the cross left kettle switch to spinning half hike ! The switch -hand steam ,butter slip to spinning backwards crack was rad also ! Smooth transition to the spinning hiker from the half hike juggled to switch steam mid combo also !!! Hey Big E , please tell me youre going to Voodoo ! Was really looking forward to meeting , seshing with you !!!!!!!!! Oh yeah the kettle sans hands before you switched to spinning hike was styleeeeeeeeee too !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Thank you Rodney! Wow you dug in the crates for this one, Im not at Voodoo jam sadly, ill be watching the livestream! Will be at Battle in the Rockies if you are going to that event?

  3. Youre welcome Big E ! yeah I went to Voodoo , two of the best days of my life ! Never been to one ! Battle in the Rockies ? Probably not , spend half my savings to go to Voodoo ! hahaha , I do know I want you to ride in the comp with your infinite tricktionary at the Rockies battle !!!!!!!! I wish I could do a fourth of your bag of tricks !!!!!! Is there a flatland genie around earth anywhere ? haha , My first wish would be your signature sling shot to crack !!!!!!!! Love that one !!!!!! Must feel good to have a bag that deeeeeeeep !!!! You need a solo dvd !!!!!!!

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