Effraim Catlow – Ride On Interview Part 3

All good things must come to an end, so here’s the final part in my three part Ride On interview with Neil Waddington.
In this last part we talk about retiring from competition, riding in his 40’s, Master of Creativity, my personal riding, influences, running Flatmatters and Southsea Skatepark. Enjoy!

10 thoughts on “Effraim Catlow – Ride On Interview Part 3

  1. These have been so good E, really enjoyed them. Respect and thanks for all you and your fam did BITD and continue to do.

  2. I cant WAIT to catch up on all parts of these interviews , been WAAAAAAAY outta the loop for a while !! PLEASE TELL ME youre going to VOODOO JAM BIG E , so I can MEET / HANG OUT / SESH / FILM you SESH , ALL of this in PERSON !!!

    • Hey rodney, sorry I’m not at Voodoo this year. I was invited bit already booked for another event, UK Champs next weekend for us. have a great time in NOLA!

  3. WOW this one was GOOOOOOOOOOOD !!! Totally agree with what you stated about M.O.C. , like your site , one of the best things to happen to bmx flatland ! STOKED on your approach to your riding now days , SHORT SWEET BANGERS, loads in this video . Lash to BAR FLIP / PIVOT to cross steam at the EXACT same time to START the combo , YOUR ORIGINAL sling shot to crack , NO HANDED pressure flips , Karl SHUV-ITS to X-LEG half hikers , CROSS steam lash / bar flip exit , the works through out this whole interview ! You REALLY have to WATCH then AGAIN watch to LISTEN to the interview , at least I did , as the combos AND interview are BOTH stellar mate !!!!! MUCH respect to you for PUSHING through injury , CONTINUING your PROGRESION with EVERYTHING you have on your DAY TO DAY plate ! WOW talk about DEDICATION / D.I.Y./ WORK ETHIC , PAYING 100 QUID to circulate ZINES GLOBALLY and selling LOADS of stickers TO PAY YOUR OWN WAY to get STATE SIDE for COMPS !!! Damn BIG E ,Ive REALLY enjoyed grabbing a cuppa , catching up with THIS interview series !!! SO BUMMED you wont be at Voodoo , but we ll meet some day my friend !!

  4. ANNNNNNNND what a BOLD statement indeed to the industry , after flat getting dropped in 2004 at the x-games , starting FLATMATTERSONLINE.COM showcasing as you said not just tricks on a bike , but ALSO the LIFE STYLE / VIBE AND IMPACT that flatland HAS had on bmx as a whole !! Really interesting that you were chatting to a skater in a skate shop and him suggesting a blog , THEN the START of this site , how you had to GATHER content , start discussions , etc , etc !!!! You took it up on your own to represent the global scene / life style / rhyme AND reason for the ART of flatland , GLAD you did !! Never knew you hated bike maintenance ………..ME TOO !!!!

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