Fight with flight practise video and short story

FWF 2010 PRACTICE from Lachlan Cameron on Vimeo.

DUB, Marsan, Prasheel and I headed down to Indianapolis for Flight with fight Thursday night. We all stopped in Petrolia where we met up with Alex, Adam and their friends. We took off for the border Friday morning and got stopped at the border by some prick policeman that said we were “randomly selected” for a search. We arrived at the Radisson Hotel, got a room then found out our car wouldn’t start. Not cool.
So we finally ended up at the jam fri. night @ 7pm.
Met up with Jesse Puente and picked up some MAC1 KHE tires that were supposedly best for slick floor. Man was he ever right! Switched them up and they were awesome. That night we were trying to find out what went wrong and Jesse told us it was the starter and all we had to do was hit it with a hammer & it’ll run. Sure enough it did! Hammer in hand we were able to drive around again! Can’t thank Jesse enough…
The Contest vibe was incredible, amazing MC, Music and lighting. There was a shuttle bus that took riders from the Radisson to a bar about an hour away. Everyone was having a blast until I lost my passport in the club! (too many tequilas :p) Looked around and found some guys standing on it by the bar! Was so relieved! The next day the Canadian Crew headed home, Hammer in hand!
Thanks to all the fond memories and amazing people we met on the way! 

Lachlan Cameron

6 thoughts on “Fight with flight practise video and short story

  1. Thanks Lachlan Cameron for sending this in, great coverage of this event! More tommorow, full report coming first thing tommorow….

  2. The edit is also sick, Simon Marsan's dork wheelie variation is nuts!! Jean William Prevost kills it too!!! Stoked on the coverage of this event!!!

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