Fise “Battle of the Champions” returns to Saudi Arabia

In 2018, the first-ever major BMX competition in Saudi Arabia took place. Next week, FISE returns to The Kingdom for the second time.
The Battle of the Champions invitational event will take place on March 14-19 at Saudi Arabia’s Al-Ahsa Oasis. Al-Ahsa is around 1,000 miles northeast of Jeddah, the site of last year’s inaugural BMX event. Invited riders below, missing Matthias Dandois, curious if that has been missed out as a surprise or if he simply can’t make it…

Alex Jumelin
Jean William Prevost
Kevin Nikulski
Benjamin Hudson
Raphaël Chiquet
Alberto Moya
Poosa-Art Pakphum
Masato Ito
Thomas Noyer
Dez Maarsen
Sieste Van Berkel
Dan Hennig
Tyler Gillard

12 thoughts on “Fise “Battle of the Champions” returns to Saudi Arabia

  1. Sorry to politicize a contest but having a contest there is like supporting its regime. Last time I checked…they don’t believe in equal rights and murder those who oppose them. No amount of money.

      • Trump isn’t the only president whom has supported the Saudi Regime obviously. Regardless…that is out of my control. What is in my control is going to Saudi Arabia and riding in a bmx event that is part of an overall attempt by the young prince to make it appear he is a reformer that wants to westernize his country…while doing the opposite in secret….just not very well. What else you got Keith?

        • So, what you’re saying is that the Saudi Prince is attempting to hide is secret plans from the world by throwing a flatland contest? This makes total sense, but it does bring up the question of why Lee Musselwhite wasn’t invited. Maybe the Prince found out that Lee is working for MI6? Is the flatland Illuminati real?

  2. Never thought of that Aaron. I guess it’s because like many, we take it for granted living in a different country. But, you’re right in sharing your opinion.

  3. It’s great reading your ‘real’ comments Aaron, after hearing and watching so much crap in my years of riding. I agree with you again.

    • Sure didn’t but oh well….I am sure it’s easier to not care and turn a blind eye than it is to face the truth. I won’t waste my time anymore.

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