Fise Friday?

Pro flat qualifiers was scheduled for today, but after a dry day, the clouds finally gave in at 6pm as pro flat was due to start. A lot of good riding went down today, even if the spot is a lil bit small and bouncy, Moto Sasaki and Terry Adams were both at the spot early riding hard, I got two exclusives with them to post next week! Moto hit his first try! Dominik Nekolny is ripping with some crazy mid combo xft jugglers, Alex Jumelin had few new moves, Ucchie is looking uber dialled…Waldemar Fatkin was bouncing all over the floor, with crazy xft pedal whiplash combos, tommorow looks set to be the qualifiers at 1pm and finals at 6pm! The highlight for me was meeting Nathan Penonzek, and Trevlon Hall, it’s great to see these guys on Euro shores! There are so many people here, crazy crowds, it should be an epic contest!
Photos, report and videos when i get back to home monday onwards…
Im off for drinks with everyone!

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