Fise World Pro Flatland Montpellier Highlights

The crew over at Our BMX soon to be switching over to simply BMX. Have been covering the Fise World contest in Montpellier extensively, just caught this one. Pro Flatland Final highlights, for all those that don’t want to sit through the whole contest. This for you!

6 thoughts on “Fise World Pro Flatland Montpellier Highlights

  1. If the first rider, who’s name I don’t know doesn’t make the general public go, WOW and inspires any number of young kids want to take up flat, then I don’t what or who will. I could watch him for hours. Has he taken over from Mat Wilhelm as the fastest head spinning rider now? Loved the crowds reaction and can only imagine if/when flat is in the Olympics. Personally I think the public’s going to really embrace flat, if so. Just my opinion.

  2. Despite saying what I said about Takumi, & not taking the gloss off his riding, as I said this young man’s riding like a veteran. But, I got thinking about some contests, yes they’re in the past, but Mat Wilhelm rode incredibly well, along with others and Mat didn’t win and I guess it’s debatable and contentious in terms of judging,& will probably always be hard to judge fairly and we can’t please everyone. For the record, everyone I’ve shown Takumi’s run was super impressed.

  3. Although he’s killing it with no doubt on that contest, Takumi is not riding with his own style, all the major tricks he does there are signature tricks of other riders. I find really difficult to not think about many riders styles when watching that mix of tricks and movements he delivers. Hopefully originality was key on that contest judgement I guess, so it seems to me that appears through the ranking, then props to the judges work!!
    Some top riders began like that, being copycats (I think first about Mickael Sommer and Dominik Nekolny) before to be highly respected riders. Now I just wish the same road for Takumi and can’t wait to see what will be his own touch!!

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