11 thoughts on “Flat Ark Final – Yohei Uchino vs Matthias Dandois

  1. So Ucchie wins doing the the same concept over & over with subtle variations using only half of the bike and three complete step offs while Matthias uses the whole bike with a lot of variety, one dab and one step off on the rideout. Sorry but Matthias got ripped on that one.
    Could have predicted the outcome of the finals after qualifying.

  2. Incredible display of flatland ! props !

    (The first 30 secs the TV has some form of clock running … but then it goes blue with the square in the middle … I think that Matthias was pointing at that … not sure …)

  3. The clock was running for him and never stopped after he rose his hand. I think he rose his hand as a fist pump of excitement and wanted to do another combo, but the format signals a hand raise as a stoppage of your time.

  4. what a great battle!. but even though i love matthias riding. i think in this battle is clear that uchie won this. because uchie displayed new tricks, new combos and solid consistency, also matthias rode very well, but his touches made it the cut and maybe if matthias put down his banger tricks, maybe hed won this. but still a very close battle.

  5. both riders are highly and equally talented.

    i think that judges and a few riders are expecting some new links from Matthias…

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