Flat Games – October 8th

Just caught this event news on Moto Sasaki’s FB page. It is always difficult to keep up with what’s going on in Japan events wise with the language barrier and so on. But anyway, Moto Sasaki is organising a “Flat Games” contest in “Chiba Prefecture next to Tokyo and park of his local riding spot.”

Here’s the info from Moto with translation:

Suddenly, I decided to hold the tournament on the 8th of October of the 3 holidays in October.
I have a lot of thoughts, but I think I’m going to be held regularly! ︎
I think I’m busy, but I’m waiting for you.

Date: October 2017, 8
Professional Class / Expert / no, kids

Pro Class Judge
KUTSUKI SASSA AND 3 other going
Expert Class Judge
He tanigawa, Yasushi Uehara, yu ito and was ito.
Novice Class judge
Ming Takahashi, Shuichi Nagata and Japanese Nakajima.

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