FLAT SYSTEM 003: Jason Plourde

Jean William Prévost interviews his first guest on FLAT SYSTEM ; Jason Plourde. Both spent a lot of time in China and JW asks him about his experience in flatland, riding flatland, what comes after flatland, his injuries, his time in china and what was the craziest thing that ever happened to Jay . We also talk about his signature frame and bar through Reklamation Bikes and what he is up to nowadays. Go ahead ans follow him on ig : @thy_jasonest and his clothing brand he just started : @nobl3monk3y.

2 thoughts on “FLAT SYSTEM 003: Jason Plourde

  1. Awesome interview.
    I second Dub using the word ‘inspiring’ for Flatland Buddha’s stepping away from flatland. We were all watching to see his first steps as though they were our own one day in the future – he is a pioneer to anyone wondering about what is beyond flatland. It’s true that nothing is permanent in life so all the more can we appreciate what we have in the moment with this knowledge that one day it will end. I still remember the great videos from the Walmart when Jasonator was ripping in China and him always saying something about having to “torque it” under his breathe and the sick jam we had in Tdot.
    I think it is always good to have a spirit bear like that of the Jasonator and thank you to Dubby boy for bringing out the good in flat. I want to see a video of Dub now though in a motorcycle helmet trying decades!! hahahaha
    Thank you brothers of the arts
    I’ll definitely see you there

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