Flatland gathering in Brighton

Yesterday on a moody bank holiday weekend about 20 of the Uk flatland community headed down to Brighton seafront, for a day at the seaside and chilled riding day. Some new faces, and of course some old. Heres a few photos from the day.

9 thoughts on “Flatland gathering in Brighton

  1. So gutted i could not go Brighton very ill feel like s*** ,TGM Sat was good was so up for Sunday looked good old faces,new faces had a blast anyway UK flat is booming spent 41 st at TGM thanks Maz for the card ha ha .

  2. Was a good day Howard, was stoked to see new faces, relaxed day, riding sessions, teaching few guys steamrollers, lots of flatchat of course, Phil even went swimminge few times, mad man!!

  3. Sounded good cool to see and know new faces are popping up great stuff man i had my weekend planned out and everything at the mo i have a week off work and i have the flu hopefully it will pass in a few days.

  4. Awsome day, thanks for making me welcome… Sooo want to go out and work on those steams you & rob helped me with but need to rest! I ache bad today! See you for another jam real soon… khe ripper

  5. Nah wasn't chilly, nice temp all day just moody with the dark clouds, great day. Good to see the new faces, no worries khe killah was fun teaching you and seeing you stoked!!! What it's all about really…

  6. Not sure where next trev, phil was talking aboutbonevin southsea, Milton park, nice spot me and Shane Badman used to ride at when he lived here, keep you posted!

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