10 thoughts on “FlatWebTV Episode 32

  1. Man, that list is awesome. I knew Sevisual and Mark Eaton were going to make the lists.. That Lost and Found VIKI James Smith video the first track always blows my mind… It might be explosions in the sky too..

  2. What the hell? Really? That’s crazy! I’m honestly surprised. Maybe I was two close to the last two to really comprehend the impact. Big ups to Eaton for his work choosing and mixing.

  3. That was awesome!
    I am actually driving down to Portland from Vancouver this weekend.
    Will definitely check it out!
    Good show Anthony and Patrick

  4. That is a fine list but I have to add another Sevisual edit, Adam + Matthias 1,5 from 2009 with the t.raumschmiere “driving in whiskey” track. That’s probably my favorite edit as well.

  5. The Steve Miller Band “Serenade” is one of my favorite songs. Makes me want to ride when I here it. Song was also used in the “Balancing Act” video.

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