7 thoughts on “FlatWebTV Episode #5

  1. Great episode!
    Liked what Terry had to say about supporting the scene, and whats going on. And the stuff around successful scenes, was so true! Shows what a lil' effort can do.

  2. Yes everyone should visit the Legendary Oltorf Garage. The ATX crew will throw a big Jam! Thanks for the shout out. No I don't have all the toy bikes. I do have a couple of them though. I looked very hard for them in little Texas Towns. They key to finding them is looking in the discontinued area of Wal Mart. They are not available on the regular shelf anymore. They are still out there. Look in every little town you can find.

    Keep on Riding!

  3. As Terry said, you work on your scene, hold jams, start blogs, let people know whats going on in your local hometown, the hype grows, well done to the guys in Austin!

  4. Besides the Austin trip (which would be awesome!). An industry type of interview with Pat Schoolen would be interesting!

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