9 thoughts on “Game of Bike Terry Adams vs Matthias Dandois

  1. Instead of practicing tricks, these guys should work on their sense of humor. The beginning was not funny at all. It was kind of awkward tbh. I felt uncomfortable watching it.
    Terry just overeeacts and the fake accent wasnt funny the first time, so doing through out the video is just a little redundant . especially 4:16.
    SMFH! stooopid! These guys both need a little comedy training tbh

  2. Lighten up Francis. They were just screwing about. Not like this is the Hangover 2 and you just blew $20 or anything.

  3. funny clip, whats all the hoohah about? funnyguy needs to take his own advice and get a sense of humour. would be good to see a version of this with effraim, james white and phil dolan.

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