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  1. Effraim i dont know how much to thank you about these 5 years you share the freestyler videos from November 2014…wish you were here today in sunshine Greece to grab a couple of beers together…along with Valance!!haha I knew you liked this edit its your type of riding!ha!

  2. Next level X-ft and backpacker lines!! Those jumps are sick too.

    Stoked, thanks for the inspiration for today’s session – I’ve been going after X-ft tricks lately as it’s a technique that I never learned.

    • Thank you very much Scott for your nice words and for your love you give me everytime! This year i focused more into cross footed tricks and backawards backpackers links cause always had them in my mind as a really hard technique which sometime i should get it more serious….those jumps also are really cool as a feeling althought i almost kill myself in the process, i had some wild crashes!!!Keep on learning cross footed tricks Scott and let me know about your progress,feel free to ask me anything about those tricks,i am here for you and for everyone…thank you too for the motivation and have a nice session budddy!!

          • Yeah sure starting to build the link piece by piece is the key..i think the first one to learn is the x foot steam.I noticed also that having x footed hitch dialed will make you drop it easier or pull juggler.Personally i learned x foot hitch from poping x footed karl cruiser…but you will see what fits you better during practice Scott…

          • For me I learnt Xft Karl into first then Xft steam. Had to learn to roll without bats touching, helps in the long run. Giannis maybe different

    • I bet you liked Joe those combos with the Jaffa whips right??Ha!Man i can’t stop doing Jaffa whips,from last year i pulled it for the first time i’ve NEVER touched those bars during halfpacker whips again..can you imagine that??Thank you Joe for your comment,appreciate that….

    • I dont understand your question… You anwser to my statement with a video?! Showing what exactly??? This is not an anwser bu the way?

      • Talking about technical riding is my answer with this edit that flatland is already very technical years ago…those tricks in my edit are probably 20 years ago that have been done,i think its clear…

        • Of course flatland was technical 20 years ago. Its still super technical now in a different way. This is what i said. At the moment most riders are spinning or pumping.If you want technicity/modern flatland go watch katagiri brothers,kio Hayakawa or other japanese riders. They push technical flatland with originality. As for your edit its good and difficult but i would prefer a smaller one with more signature tricks.

  3. Well you definitely learned the xfooted tricks and the pivoting, which l haven’t seen before. You have an ‘effotless’ and natural ability Giannis, keep it up & thanks for this.

    • Thank you mate for your statement and i keep on learning cross footed tricks,i am in the beginning…but i dont feel i have any natural ability at all…i work hard,more than ever…

    • Cheers Amos!Cross foot halfpacker is easier actually than x foot hitch..at least for me!ha!Still watching your part from a way to enlarge time,man,you rocked that sabbath tank back then!!hahah!!

        • You made me laugh Amos!So…the sabbath era left something good dehind huh??haha!At that period i was riding a black Morales with every Primo product you can imagine!Talking about 18 kilos bike,quite a beast aĺso!!

    • Ohh nice!here in Greece its 2 after midnight…i am in insomnia mode so i put some pasta to eat now and checking edits here in flatmatters…

  4. Hi Giannis,
    I have not seen all your edits but this is the best I have seen! I am really impressed by all these x-footed and backwards stuff and the g-turn/turbine concepts that you seem to have learned in a very short time! I have not seen all this in your older videos so I assume you learned it in the last months which is very impressive!
    I also really enjoyed that you have your brake(s) and T.I. bar back 😉 Your bike looks much better like this and I would say it better suits your style.

    • Thank you daddy cool for your kind worlds and i don’t know how that happened but you are right about that new concept, i learned all this stuff this last month !!!!
      And yeah brakes for ever and T.I. bars for giving respect to Richard Zabzdyr …
      PS: i am with my best friend now at his home and i just saw your comment, when i get back home i will reply.

      • Hi DaddyCool,you were in a prophet mode when you said that these links are pulled this last month,actually from late October until these last couple of days i filmed this footage,i mean wow man!!Most of these pivots and g turn-turbine stuff i have pulled them years ago and i tried to connect those together…its a blend of Kevin Jones pivots,Martti pivot,Viki pivot trick,a Raphaels trick,jaffa whips of Sam Foakes and Joe Cicman,Day Smith jumps…all the flatland world is inside that edit!hahaha!

  5. Definetelly One of the best videos from you Giannis ! Much respect !!! Those xfoot jumps are no joke !
    Love this style !
    Mates T.

    • Μy man Mates thank you really that means a lot hearing that from you because you are an x-footed maniac!Congratulations for your win in Veres my cross footed brother!!ahahah!

  6. I learned hitchhiker while having sealed bearings for bar ends and rolling the position jumping into it.Maybe that helps with x foot too….

  7. SLLLLAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMZZZZZZZ ,being thrown left , right AND centre ……all over this ENTIRE edit , Giannis ! Theres edits where I ll be watching them , they ll be so WILD-STYLE ,that I ll literally jump up from my chair , excited , watch the rest of said edit …STANDING / FULLY hyped……….FULLY motivated to go session my 1997 Hoffman E.P. , haha…..THIS , cabrone ……IS one of these type edits . Wasn’t ready or even thinking you were gonna come through just banging x-leg pivots , jumps , body varials , switches , etc ,etc ,etc …….via a multitude of hitch hiker , back packers , half hikers , just TOTALLY going in , taking even MORE new concepts , techniques , to the next 7 levels ! Ive been again , taking this edit in slowly , just really dissecting EVERY line , kinda like how a wine sampler / taster ……sips , swirls the wine around in his mouth , takes his time to taste / experience the flavor of the wine that is being reviewed , hahaha……well……something like that anyway , hahaha………damn , man …youre crazy UN-predictable on your bike ,in just which direction / path youre gonna take / explore …….in ANY given edit . THAT I dig so much . I really do mean , youre like one of THE top 20 riders in bmx flatland……..OF ALL TIME……….just going through your 106 , yeah ……106 EDITS of COUNTLESS links , variations …..its painfully obvious , no b.s., at all , campeon ! Im seriously gonna have to take ANOTHER week to visually digest this edit , as you’ve stated ……it TECH to the max . Im a HUGE fan of ANY trick , variation ……of ANYTHING that involes the TIMELESS …..X-LEG positioning . That concept is SO hard , TIMES 7 , which to me is why that its ,like been around …….BUT ya don’t really see tons , and tons of riders really pushing it . there are some , though ……Viki , Pearleson , Carter , Effraim , Kuoppa , of course , Jones , Nekolny , Dez , Higa , yourself …..yeah there are quite a few , personally , I think THATS why Dom has done so well last / THIS year ! He throwing down a lot of X-LEG stuff , haha. I personally call it X-LEG , instead of X-FOOT , cause to me x-foot doesn’t really verbally give it the justice , props , attention it DESERVES , haha….Ive done a simple x-leg steam roller , and you know what ?! I had to FEATHER my dia-compe , jerking back and forth , struggling , trying to hold that position , haha…….and that WITH feathering , haha. Again……I love watching X-LEG variation Gurus like Tucek / yourself ……..so……..gracias for taking your riding in this new direction .Its really so dope to watch !!!!! YES……..I ll be commenting AGAIN …..gotta take all this in some more , Giannis !

    • Hermano you say you need a week to digest this edit and i need a week to read your comment!!!hahahahahaha!i am not even halfway…!!

      • Riders like Mates Tucek,Bruno Zebu,Brandon Derbowka,Dylan Worsley,Stephan Hearn,Sam Foakes,Joe Cicman,Martti,Viki insired me for that type of riding.Speaking of technical riding lately i was thinking that this type of tricks are extremely hard and take time to have them perfect…flatland is already technical lots of years ago i can say.That video part of Stephan Hearn in Create where he was 20 years old and took him only 1 hour to capture that craziness is beyond me…how about that cabrone???

  8. I SUCK @ basic back packers , Giannis …….THIS edit got me to actually do a decent one ,while riding , mid-session , Sunday …….I haven’t even really pulled a decent one in ,like months …haha…..It really is cool how getting AMMMPED watching riders you look up to , like myself , looking up to you …..can motivate , hype you …..to get a trick pulled …….right after watching one of their edits ! Juuuuuuust letting ya know……….all these edits you’ve been just SLLAAAAAMMMMMING out , since 2014…….theyre not only pushing / progressing your OWN level of riding……….theyre doing the exact same thing for riders like myself ,and Im sure……COUNTLESS others . As ya stated , bruv……….KEEP your FREESYTLER series going another 6 YEARS ………a lot of bmxers , especially me , haha….would REALLY like that . Have ANOTHER progressive session TODAY , BMX Jefe= Giannis !

    • Whether i make an edit and send it to Effraim or not,i just keep on riding and progressing daily…you know im sayin amigo??I am doing it anyways…the only thing i earn is the satisfaction i get of knowing that you guys get motivation for your next session….God i love that ,Rodney my brother!!!

  9. STEPHEN HEARN , yes sir…….youre preaching to the choir , Giannis , haha….I STILL watch his part in CREATE and ELUSION…….TODAY , haha. Hearn is a cyborg , ALAWAYS has been .Later on …I ll tell ya a really funny story about his FIRST contest in Houston T.X. , back in July , circa 2001 …..after ONLY like a year and 3 months of riding , haha…..OH YEAH , campeon ! Adam Guilds deadline for ya to get him your footage for LIL DOSES -2019 , his bmx video project is by , I think Dec 12 . CANT WAIT to see what youre contributing , Giannis ! My stuff is 98.999 % done /filmed , it aint nothing too dope , buuuuuuut ..its ok , I guess , haha. There one thing that will be pretty dope , though , haha. I KNOW your stuff is gonna SLLLLAAAAAAMMMM , you ll probably get the FINAL part , being that your riding is so over the top , cabrone , haha…. DONT FORGET , man , get Adam your footage ! Well……off to work , later , BMX king of Greece= Mr. Caternellis !

    • About my footage for Lil Doses one thing i can say to you hermano…….The wait will be worth it…..Have a nice day at work my brother.

      • I extended the submission date to December 20th . Rodney just keep riding and filming – maximize the time. Giannis…sick stuff as always . More people should follow your lead.

        • There is also no clip limit or time limit , submit as much as possible if you want. Also anyone reading this is invited – step up there is plenty of time left.

        • Thank you Adam aka Mr. DOSES as my brother Rodney says!!Looks like you are gonna make Lil Doses as a Christmas present for all of us flatlanders!!ha!About what you say for the time and clip limit,i film on a daily basis new clips but i already have 700 new combos from the time i put my front brakes last year…i hope you dont mean to send them all,unless you are planning to make Lil Doses a 5 hours film…!!!ahahahahahah!!

  10. Watched this 4 times so far. This is serious stuff. Giannis, props and congrats on everything you’ve put out. The brakeless freestylers were my personal favs, but now this one tops all the others you’ve done. Can’t wait to see what happens next! I can only hope to get my tricktionary up to a fraction of what you got going on there. You just got the entire world so pumped to ride!

    • That was really touching BZ from you…i ride no matter what but these freestyler edits belong to you,dont forget that…Thank you from the deep of my heart for reminding me that i am on the right path….

    • BZ wrote ”You just got the entire world so pumped to ride!”.If thats true, i’m the happiest flatlander in the world right now….

  11. SLLLLLAAAAAAMMMMMMED , cabrone ! Been watching this edit ALL WEEK ……..ARE YA FRIGGIN KIDDING ME , Giannis ?! A combo with TWO turbined back packers ….JUMPING UP / BODY varials to forward hikers !! Even laying down a crack packer , BIKE varial / flip , landing in a half hiker ! You also BIKE flipped INTO the crack packer from a switch hand hang five ………. and that side packer line ! Switching hands while butter slipping , outta the way of the bars , what a tight butter slip , THAT line ! How many times did ya hit your ribs , missing the butter slip , bar flipping to a hiker ?! BURLY switch , TIMES 7 , campeon ! Theres SO much x-leg / body varial flavor in this new edit ,that I was BUGGING OUT , haha….watching it yesterday , haha…….things is ….Ive ALWAYS been a fan of ANY X-LEG variation within links , I just don’t see how riders do it , Kuoppa , Viki , yourself , Tucek , Hearn , Effraim , Desolneaux , etc , etc…….ALL you cats are so dope to me, for dialing / learning THIS technique . Your CONTROL , also Giannis , just dropping with ZERO speed to x-leg hikers from x-leg steams , MID-LINE , or those crazy BODY varial , JUMP ups with ZERO speed , to forward hikers…. all this stuff is SO technical and SUPER difficult . I really had NO idea just what your 106th edit was going to produce ……THIS really exceeded just what I was guessing ya were gonna throw down on your bike ……I dig THAT about your riding , Jefe !! I CANT wait to see just WHAT youre gonna do for the Lil Doses video…….bet its gonna have Adam Guild and I …….FLOORED ! haha…………well…….Im gonna KEEP watching THIS edit , campeon………..

    • Thats right hermano,SO technical and SUPER difficult stuff in this type of riding…some people out there should see that for wondering about technicity and modern flatland…and if you are buzzing cabrone about Freestyler 106,you definetly have to watch the next one, coming soon…

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