Groundtactics 2011/12 1st Round deadline announced!

Aki’s first round entry 2010/2011.

This coming year should be really interesting, will some of the contest pros compete? Will Aki defend his title, will James White appear again? Will Sam Foakes return this year? Will the 2010 groundtactics and the two years in a row Nora cup champion, Moto Sasaki return for his crown….. Arguably the most progressive contest thats currently happening in flatland returns, Martti gives you all a heads up on the first round.

“I am working on to get the Ground Tactics 2012 – 3rd season going on. Right now what I am working on is to find a way to gain some price money and product support for the prices.
At this point all I can say is that I am scheduling the 1st deadline for videos to be sometime between 1st of december 2011 – 1st of february 2012. Just so you know to start preparing already. Thank you!

7 thoughts on “Groundtactics 2011/12 1st Round deadline announced!

  1. Just out of curiosity, was there a live final last year(2011)?

    I heard something about a Trinidad final then I might’ve missed if that went down, but didn’t see anything about it so I was curious about that.

    • No there wasnt Pete. It was pretty expensive to run the finals in 2010, without a major sponsor it was an impossible task, we are hoping to pull off a big event for 2012, that pushes the progression of flatland, and also attracts more pro riders..

  2. Yes, Effraim is right about this one. I tried getting the finals done this year but could not get it together.

    I hope to progress as an event organizer as much as the riders who are participating Ground Tactics.

    I will keep you updated and if any questions feel free to ask!


  3. He martti! I love GT! But, i like to do bang tricks, and i fall much, but what if i make a video of great tricks but not filmed in one straight line, 1,5 whip for example, pulled it 2 days back! So happy!!, but no cam, so i cant prove it. im saving money for one.. but yeah,
    Thats my question sir!
    Im anonymous cause people dont have to ask me about the trick.. youll see it in a few months i hope. cause it caused me somuch pain! You should see my shintbecause my stem.
    Thank you for reading!
    And thanks alot martti for whopper inspiration and allllot more!

  4. I hope Lee M competes again. His video was pretty incredible and I was really perplexed as to why he bowed out after advancing.

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