Hisato Yamashiro wins Ohne Jam in Kanagawa, Japan!

Hisato Yamashiro won Ohne Jam in Kanagawa, Japan yesterday. I’ve not heard of Hisato before, but trust me, check the footage in the bmx boze edit above for absolute treat! So much good riding in this jam edit! Thank you Bmx Boze for the quick upload, results below!

1st Hisato Yamashiro
2nd Hiroya Morizaki
3rd Akihiko Takahashi

1st Yuichiro Asai
2nd Masaki Morikawa
3rd Nicolog

1st Kazuya Shirakawa
2nd Kotaro Arai
3rd Yosuke Sekiguchi

1st Tomoya
2nd Yuta Watanabe
3rd Sota Suga

3 thoughts on “Hisato Yamashiro wins Ohne Jam in Kanagawa, Japan!

    • ditto phil, great to see the return of bmx bose! I don’t know how widely known Hisato is, but I hadn’t heard of him before. So great to see a rider you haven’t heard of winning an event ahead of amazing riders such as Hiroya…. where else in the world would this happen?!! Just amazing!! going back to watch this one again!

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