How this simple technique will help boost your life and performance!

Yesterday, the Sietse Van Berkel FM Interview and today, Lionel Cardoso aka Freestyle Tactics talks in detail about how different breathing techniques can help boost your performance and your life.

“Very often we talk about how to do a specific trick. But there are essential non-riding related techniques that will change your game. One of them is breathing. Indeed, we very often focus on specific riding techniques but forget about more general physical techniques like strength and endurance. This episode is inspired by yoga and Qi Gong where breathing is an essential part of the work and the main way to bring energy, calm and focus to the body and mind. You will discover how deep breathing will help you take your life and your riding to the next level.”

You can listen to this episode as a podcast on soundcloud at:

3 thoughts on “How this simple technique will help boost your life and performance!

  1. Yes, I’m thankful for these tips on breathing. I used my stretches as well as breathing, which I think can help the older riders as we can get tight and sore spots, after riding a lot. The proven routine of stretching before and after riding helps the body be more free, so I agree with all this Lionel. Thank you.

  2. I’m a little late getting to this, but nice work! I have been doing breath work for a couple of years now myself, and I can definitely say it is so helpful in so many ways. Thanks for getting the word out!

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