How to do a Hitchhiker by Rad dad

As well as the visual, Rad dad breaks it down in written form too, this is awesome!

This is Rad Dad from BMX today I am going to show you how to do a Hitchhiker. A hitchhiker is a combination of different of tricks put together. There are a couple of tricks that you can work on to help you learn how to do a hitchhiker. Steamrollers, Double Footed Steamrollers, Half Hikers and Karl Kruisers. You should be familiar with these tricks because they are stepping stones to learning hitchhikers.

I like to ride in from double footed steamroller. That’s my basic ride in. The trick to the ride in is in your legs. You want to squat down just a bit while you are in the double footed steam and let your weight lean over the stem. Keep your feet straight and stand on the balls of your feet. When you are ready and feel like your steady. Lift up the bike to the hitchhiker position. You will do this in one motion and there will be a moment in time that you will not be holding on to the bike. You will start off holding the seat and as you pull the seat around you will release it right about the time to grab the tire. Its very quick switch and don’t worry you wont fall to hard getting this part down. When you are in the hitchhiker position you will want to pull the tire down. Many times when you are learning this trick for the first time you will have a tendency to want to pull the tire up. But that pushes the bars to the ground. When you pull back on the tire the bars will lift into the air. Once you gain your balance you are ready to make another switch. Roll the tire back to the front and grab for the seat again. This will put you in a half hiker position. This position is much harder than the hitchhiker position to hold because the bike is off to the side. When you feel ready gently bend your legs and bring the frame in front of you again. That will put you back in a double footed steamroller. From there you switch your hands back to steam roller and ride away. There are many ways in and out of a hitchhiker. I also like to ride in from Karl and doing Steamroller to Karl to Hitchhiker. Once you have this trick down you can move on to other double footed forward rolling tricks and make your own combinations.

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