5 thoughts on “How To Patch A Flat BMX Tire – Jim McKay

  1. I found the valve trick years ago! I got one or two flats in that area, couldn’t figure why! This was when I’d run tires until the absolute end(threads showing), got a flat with a new tire! One std. rim strip couldn’t handle 100+ psi, I figured valve hole metal wasn’t buffed. Now I run Ody rim strip plus a section of old rim strip ’round the valve. No flats since…..forever!!

  2. There’s other ways to do it too. Tips I’ve gotten:

    Jason Rideout says: “I add the glue… stick patch and tube together… pull apart …let glue get tacky .. then press the patch on.”

    Jake Umberger says: “Once I apply the patch I put more cement around the edges of it and light it again.”

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