Jean-Michel Chauvel – Lunchtime fun time

Lunch time fun time 2018 from Chauvel Jean-Michel on Vimeo.

Jean Michel Chauvel is what I like to call a flatland lifer, and gives a lot back to the sport. Now its time for jean to share his own riding and description of the last six months of his riding.

“After 35 years of riding I did a basic edit of my last 6 month of flatland. Last june during a professional meeting I discovered a very nice spot 3 minutes from the office, so each day the weather is ok I can ride for 1 hour at lunch time. Each session I try to do something new or in a different way: then “Lunch time fun time” was born.
Also I Will catch 48 this month, it’s also a kind of birth celebration. I have no hard trick but with this video I want to show that it’s possible to have your own riding and furthermore age is not a pbm if you have enought motivation. This edit is raw without music and done 100% with my phone.”

21 thoughts on “Jean-Michel Chauvel – Lunchtime fun time

  1. Really like some of those pedal position tricks. Particularly liked that x-up 1 foot manual.
    Cool to see someone who contributes so much to flat still progressing with style

  2. Tks a lot Johann. Even if it’s not always easy at 48 it’s always funny and it must be. Keep riding my friend.

  3. Since I’ve got back into it, my stupid long lunch break became one of the only chances I get to grab an hour of outdoor riding in my day(weather permitting). Its a nice treat to grab a sesh in the sunshine, otherwise I have to fit it in really early morning or night.
    Your tricks are looking smooth. Props and respect lunch brother!

    • Tks a lot.
      Lunch time is very very very important now… I can ride. Since I ride frequently at that time i understood four 1 hour session are more productive than one fot 4 hours. Keep riding

  4. Great to see you still progressing! I also do most of my riding at lunchtime – it’s a great way to have some fun and refresh yourself for the second part of the day. Keep on riding!!

    • Tks Scott. I saw your MOC video last year, it’s always interesting to see flatlanders who think out of the box.
      Keep riding.

  5. Hi Jean Michel, I just read these posts. Just as some have said to keep riding, I agree. I’m 52 next month and still progressing, haven’t lost my speed, so as I also said, if the body’s willing, there’s no reason to stop. Oh, happy birthday.

    • Thank you Alexis.
      With the age I understood one thing : The next session is better than the previous one. Hope to see you soon.

  6. As previously posted, I heard of a 60 year old in the Us, that was/is really killing it. So, if that gives you inspiration, great, I know it got me thinking. In my mid to late 30s, I wondered how much longer do I have. Then suddenly… For me, I’ve a feeling it’s genetic because my Dad was really fast deep into his 50s, so we’ll see how long the ride lasts. 1 thing’s for sure, everyday’s a blessing, so I don’t take it for granted.

  7. Nice progress Jean-michel!! You can watch my second round at moc 2016 and learn this switch on the pedal maybe! You have the position locked as i see so this switch might open you many doors and give you new ideas to play! Ride on

    • Tks a lot Sakis. I’ll have a look at your video but for sure your pedal tricks are in my wish list.

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