Joel Schallhorn – Experimental Sessions / Made in China

Last October I got the pleasure to see Joel Schallhorn ride in person at the Guru jam, since that time Joel has been out in Dalian, China doing shows and progressing! This is a refreshing watch from the norm, great to see his personality shine through in this edit!

10 thoughts on “Joel Schallhorn – Experimental Sessions / Made in China

  1. I love to see riders like this bringing ‘freestyle’ back to flatland. There’s so many new concepts yet to explore. This helps to open our minds to new ideas & also brings the fun element back to our personal riding.

  2. Wow. This is legit.

    Best Joel edit yet.

    I love the candy bar steam Joeller
    I love the parkour cliffhanger

    I love this lighting and the background.

    I think I also love my buddy Joel.

    Wow. This is so legit.

  3. This is so good. It goes to show that any rider can be original if they really want to.

    I love this guy’s riding.

    The barspins up onto the backwards stem steam is awesome. Would be so sick dropped to backwards crack then turbined forwards. So much original flair here!

  4. Incredible!:0.40 manual line seat barspin, 1.30 xfoot stemrang to xfoot landing,2.30 clifhanger from the future, 2.51 flip to stem steam were my favourites!hope you hear my applause form the other side of the world,keep it up Joel 🙂

  5. Thank you everyone for the kind words! Makes me really happy you all have enjoyed it this much. I really tried to keep this edit original and bring something new to the table and contribute to the progression of our sport. Thank you everyone!

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