4 thoughts on “Josh Briars & Mayko Lee – Bristol Flatland

  1. Is that all shot with a 50mm. I like it. Not into slow mo but outfits the music. I really like how the bike is the focus the whole time and people’s faces are not inter shot. I think that’s a great touch. Good work man!!!

    Jamie!!! Put your DVD online! I leant my copy to Musselwhite then left the UK. So many memories in there! It was a great piece of work that the world should see.

  2. Hey Paul, Cheers for the comment man, appreciated. It was filmed on a Toshiba x400, just some cheap HD camera. In regards to the declaim dvd, I still have the adversity dv tapes so it could be done eventually. Infact I have 5 unopened with different artwork on the cover I was planning for a giveaway, will have to dig those out sometime.

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